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About Rob McCoy

Rob McCoy is a musically talented, young R&B artist who hails from the
state of New Jersey. McCoy’s talents range from singing, song-writing,
and his dexterous skill on the drums and piano. With curiosity at age 5, he
experimented with his voice and began to impress his church choir, family
and those around him. Despite having to face those who discouraged him
from putting his musical talents to test; Rob knew his passion would
diminish any negativity. “Only the strong survive and I am far from weak."
begins the artist,"Cliché yes, but nothing or no one can stop me from
achieving my destiny."
During fall of 2008, with the help of his closest relatives, McCoy decided
to take full advantage of his God-given resources. Utilizing his voice, his
artistic nature, and his very hands, he launched a plan to fulfill his dream
of becoming a globally-recognized R&B artist. Beginning with American
Idol’s 2008 auditions he transitioned into creating a chain of YouTube
videos, along with doing live performances in NJ, NY, and North Carolina.
The same year McCoy began studio-recording, where he worked with
industry recognized Shy Boogs. Thereafter he released his first single
online “I'm On My Way”, a heartfelt song illustrating his venture to rise
beyond his Paterson surroundings, inspire his family with pride, and
dissolve his loved ones of any perpetual struggles.
Since the development of his YouTube Channel and MySpace Music Profile
he has developed and created himself to be a one stop shop. Producing
music, composing lyrics, and owning a recording studio then became his
contribution to himself and others. McCoy has had 2 singles cycled on
Tri-State’s Radio Station Power 105.1, “Boyfriend”, and “Waiting for
you”. He has opened up for his brother Fetty Wap, as well as Day 26 and
Ryan Leslie. Thus Far proving he has what it takes to satisfy the musical
tastes of both U.S and International publics. His biggest opportunity came
when he gave a pristine performance at Universal Music Group’s
Showcase at SIR Studios in Manhattan.
The inspirations of the infamous Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder
helped shape his sound. However it was R&B Artist Joe that adhered most
due to his ability to create euphonious melodies and produce, write, and
arrange his own music. With the combination of his inspirations, well
deserved fan-base, instrumental talents, melodious voice and
determination to achieve his purpose, McCoy’s plan is one worth investing

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