“Stacks” - KUSHZX7’s New Track Represents Mind Blowing Rhythmic Blend

Do you love listening to new musical blend? In that case, you should tune into KUSHZX7’s new song in soundcloud. “Stacks” the new flagship single of this artist has already gathered too many praises from the audiences. Hip hop has been amazingly used by worldwide singers. Therefore, soundcloud has received many songs based on this genre. But, KUSHZX7 not only believes in developing traditional hip hop song, but also he mixes some other elements in his music. His song “Stacks” is fused with hip hop, rap and pop music genre. The singer knows how to mix these three pillars of music together.

While releasing “Stacks”, KUSHZX7 has teamed up with another two names. The first one is Breana Marin and the second name is Legion Beats. The former has featured the song, whereas the later has produced it. This snazzy track is loaded with different sorts of musical elements. The repetitive riffs are overwhelming. On the other hand, “Stacks” is fulfilled with unique rapping style and savvy verses. Variations, bridges and buildups are perfectly introduced in this single. The speedy raps with smooth vocalization are one of his unique styles that let him stand out in the crowd. The vocal of the singer is considered to be excessively enthusiastic that makes the audience stay tuned for hours.

Fans and followers get a motivation after hearing KUSHZX7’s tracks. Though the singer has introduced some quick paced rhythm, but, he has perfectly maintained the musicality. The beats and tune of “Stacks” is exceptionally phenomenal in hip hop and rap genre. Music enthusiasts, who love listening to pop tracks, will also love hearing to this new singer. KUSHZX7 is young, hard working and experimental. Therefore, his music consists of some wonderful lyrical blend along with unmatchable musicality. Fans can also get socially connected to this rockstar in facebook, twitter and instagram.

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