The Twelve Kingdoms of Light: The Myth of God’s Children and How the Zodiac Signs Got Their Groove On: AQUARIUS


How does one take the future? Brother Aquarius invented the concept of copy- rights and patents. Aquarius solemnly declared that any invention from this day forth would be registered under his name. It’s called the trademark. By now you’ve seen his signature TM everywhere, but at that time, it was a novel idea to assume owner- ship over an idea, an invention. Every future computer, the G6s, G7s, the flying car, and so forth will be registered under Aquarius Corp. Ltd. You predict that in the future nanotechnology will create miniature supercomputers? Aquarius would reply simply, “Thank you very much, it’s ours.” If advances in technology permit humanity to occupy new planets, all these planets will be subject to the trademark of Aquarius. All future chambers of treasures would necessitate a visit by Aquarius before anyone else.

Thank God that Aquarius is also the most altruistic and democratic sign, which means that he generally will share ownership and use of all the new inventions. Aquarius’s futuristic and sweet attitude also allowed him to adopt the concepts of humanitarian work, fraternity, cooperation, altruism, and friends. Brother Aquarius expressed no hard feelings toward the rest of the signs for leaving him nothing, because he could always make something out of nothing.

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