Unique Vibrations: Express Your Creative Individuality!


As an advocate for the creative self expression of a unique individuals, I value, honor and know personally There is something extremely liberating being connected to your original sense of self, and to connect to that special spark of rare distinctiveness within our being. We all have a unique vibration to not only our soul but the progressive and loving aspects to our integrated humble ego persona. It is a way to identify with yourself on a level to where you know you are special in way that it allows you to express your self uniquely through various types of arts, dynamic talents, skills and varieties of creativity or even just the heart of your essence.

A lot of people are profound in their creative intellect, or verbal vibration. We all a have unique spark to our soul expression and it is beautiful to know it, love it and share it in a way that allows others to want to express theirs or even seek for their own rarity of essence. Its part on knowing who you are on a deep heart, mind and aware level. It also allows you to flow through life in a unique vibration to self! I like to consider it a passionate way of someone revealing the consciousness of creator’s sources essence inside our spirit soul’s heart. (Piece of God's heart in our spiritual soul's heart) Know the depth of your individual being and how it vibrates your unique essence.

Melanie Renae Watkins aka Electrical Essence/Aquarian Essence

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