Yung Walls Launches "xannies in my hotcakes" in Soundcloud for Hip Hop Fans

Yung Walls’s “xannies in my hotcakes w/anunaki” is a melodic chemistry of hip hop and other important element which you will like to listen. It is a structurally thoughtful piece that has the electrifying energy and magnetic statement. The synth driven riffs and the thickness of the rhythm will turn your dull day into a bright one. The leading artist’s vocal performance is really stunning. The verses offer a detailed concept of the song and it is mind blowing. The electrical energy and the alluring approach are done stunningly. The systematized rapping with exclusive turntables form is nicely displayed. You will love the various usage of musical formation. The strong and captivating engagement will make you happy.

Stream: "xannies in my hotcakes w/ anunnaki" by Yung Walls


Yung Walls is a young artist and his music building is well utilized in the music that will uplift your soul. The electrifying hooks and the brilliant algorithm will give you a sudden trip which will enlighten you. His musical direction in general is effective and specifically speaks about reality. He is also famous in various social media sites and getting worldwide recognition too for his
mind blowing artistry.

His “xannies in my hotcakes” is very uplifting and has certain kind of cooling criterion. The broadened outlook and the elaborate
display of music will make you excited. Musically talking, this song has soft yet ambient element that sets a hopeful feeling. The powerful but softly spoken expression will light you up.

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