Zander2Wavy Drops Bunch of Enigmatic HipHop Tracks on SoundCloud

Proactive rapper Zander2wavy from Ohio is taking Midwest hip hop and rap music to the next level. This versatile stud has dropped bunch of tracks on SoundCloud.

Young and versatile Zander2Wavy hails from Ohio, the hotbed of mid west hip hop. This charming stud was passionate towards the art form since a lad. The USP of Zander2Wavy is his excellent rapping style and the creativity to pen down introspective lyrics. His compositions are blended with the essential elements of trap and hip hop music. Some of his exemplary tracks that have formed his fan base on SoundCloud are “Hasta La Wago”, “Take Of”, “Pink”, “Han Solo, “Dapper Down” and few others.

The stylistic approach of Zander2Wavy is different. He has a perfect stage presence that makes him more special. Recently his profile on SoundCloud is getting huge engagement for his hot new tracks like “Hit My Phone”, “Solar” and “WavyPumpJetski” all of which are the best dance bangers for this season.







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