To all Hoodx members tell your story about battling Agent Smith!!!!!!!

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The other night he came to me as  old man that wipe people windows for money.Ask me  4 a dollar ,it was dark what i thought was a dollar,was a 20 he got me i gave my self a dollar an gave him a 20~smh

Today is Friday,, which is Smith Day. The most chaotic day of the week. If you simply read the Facebook blogs today, you will see Smith all over the place. The later tonight gets, the more chaos unfolds until 3am, known as the devil's hour. That is when Set is allowed to physically cross over from the ether and reap his harvest with bloodshed.



poemoe said:


No power once u can see him~

Righteous King God Born Elohim said:

Agent Smith came by with his forked tongue trying to talk me into working Saturday for credit leave aka no money. I told him I don't do Saturday and I mentioned that before. I turned my back to him to ignore him. Seeing he has no power or authority, he left. I'm an angry god so sue me
I just got done fighting Smith. I won. But he said he will be right back haha!

Ya my man come through in a Chevy lit up with weed smoke 4 bullet holes in the side door banging jezzy .He ask me to ride up north, im sitting in the car this nigga pull out a 44 pistol talking about if we get pulled over we got to run supreme Smith i jumped out the car quick, zombie... 

I didn't leave the house all day because I knew it was Smith day. In fact, I hadn't left the house in two days because my girlfriend just tore the front bumper off the car the other day when she got stuck in the snow. But that's another story. So I reattach the bumper, but I knew that was an excuse for Smith to try and cause desperation for me to leave the house. So I stayed. My wifey calls me to pick her up at 11:45pm. Reluctantly, I leave to go get her. She only works two blocks away. I drive up the street to the stop sign. I come to one of those halfway stops, when the tires keep rolling. I make a right turn, and that's when it happened. The cop car came from behind the car that was behind me, he turns his lights on, right as I pull up in front of my girlfriend's job. She looked horrified. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:47pm. Smith day only had another 13 minutes left, but he finally had got me. I instantly began Thinking about this blog and knew that I was gonna have an unbelievable story. I started cracking up. The police officer walked up to the window and I was still laughing. I said "I know, I didn't fully stop, my transmission kinda slipped." (It did, but I still admit to blowing pass the stop sign.) he said
"Why are you driving a car ate unsafe?"

I replied "It's not that the car is unsafe, I just should of let it warm up more."

"Look, you blew past the stop sign, right?"


""You're driving a car that's not operating properly right?"


"Let me see your license."


I know damn well I didn't have my license, but I got into my pack pocket, looking for my wallet. I dont even own a wallet.

"Oh, that's right. It's in my wallet at home." I smile to myself.

"You don't have any ID?"


"Where do you live?"

"Around the corner."

He takes down my information, and I notice that there was a female officer talking to my girl. The officer returns to his car with my info to process it. My girl gets in the car, terrified. I'm smiling.

To be continued...
I saw that fool today!

Mr. Smith has been speaking to me all day.....trying to coax and tempt me to do what he wanted me to do.  This morning around 4am, I dreamed that I was sitting in a Huge round yellowish room with an independent light source that wasnt in the room.....when I didn't fall for his tricks in that realm, he broke the fan in this physical realm.  I got on the bus later, and there was an old man up there doing exactly what Agent Smith was doing in the dream...trying to coax and tempt...when it didnt work, he got off the bus...2 stops later, I feel someone watching me, I look up, and another old man was just staring at me.....just staring....with no expression.....Thats when I got off.....then, I make a phone call to conduct some business, and the male on the phone was just rude for no reason.  I asked to speak to his superviser, and in the same calm, monotone voice of the old man from the bus, and Agent Smith from my dream, he simply said "No....and now, I'm hanging up on you..."...What the heck??????  The Agent Smith concept fits perfectly......

Of course...

Smith didnt pull it today... i was vibratin too high for him to exist in my realm, Faded his ass !!!!!

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