What is a "Revolutionized link"?


Before I reveal to you how "revolutionized links" are changing social media, please watch this video:


How "Revolutionized Links" are changing the internet

Before you can truly understand the purpose of a "revolutionized link", you must understand a few things about internet marketing and Google algorithms.  


Everyday, something goes viral.  There are websites like Alexa.com that report the hottest topics of the day, week, month, and year.  The "flow" of information is based on keywords that are related to whatever the hottest topic of the day is.  Therefore, naturally, certain keywords have more value than others.  

For example, "Kanye West" has more "Google" value than say...Clarence 13X.  Therefore, if I can set up a marketing campaign around the words "Clarence 13X", then I already know what type of results to expect, based on how many times Google reports that word being searched.  Where if I used "Kanye West", I am competing with lots of other people who are using that word.  So how can I use this information to get paid?


By signing up for a HOODX.com Empower Network account, you can start building your down line of people just like you!  You can teach them how to get paid today, simply by sharing Youtube videos, whether they are popular or not.  


Here is how to build a "Revolutionized Link" and get paid:


Sign up for a HOODX Empower Network account: 


Simply find a video that you enjoy on Youtube.   


Copy the link or embed code.


Type "I just revolutionized this link on HOODX.com" in the YouTube comment section.


Go to "Videos" in your HOODX.com account and click "+Add" in the upper right hand corner.


Paste the link into the box and click OK.


Add a small description explaining that by you "revolutionizing" the link, it gives you the opportunity to build a personal network of like minded people like yourself who want to make easy money by sharing similar information and videos.  Add your personal HOODX.com Empower Network link in the description.


Add tags and keywords  (This is the most important part because tags and keywords will trigger the Google Algorithms to your HOODX.com page instead of Youtube or any other website!)  This is how you build traffic to your page!


Add a link that will lead your traffic to a presentation page similar to this one, but make it your OWN PRESENTATION explaining why they should join HOODX Empower Network.


Keep repeating this process and sit back and watch!  


Traffic will start coming to your page.  It never fails.  It ALWAYS works!


Don't believe me?  




Google "The Wizard of Oz Avatar"

Google "The Mason Avatar"

Google "The Jezebel Avatar"

(I'm too lazy to post another picture...but you get the point!)


What you will notice is that not only is the HOODX.com link on the first page of Google, but each of these words are over one-hundred years old and have been used thousands of times on the internet, but we still show up first!  We have "revolutionized" the meanings of these words!  


This is the power of "revolutionized links"!


By creating "revolutionized links", you revolutionize your future!  

Stop being the Hands With No Face Avatar and sharing a bunch of information between Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Twitter!  If you don't take this opportunity, then you won't have an opportunity to present this to someone else who wants to make money... just like you!  Don't be a mindless drone who is just recycling information on the internet without offering a way to change!  Everyday I see people on Facebook sharing pictures and videos complaining about everything wrong, yet nobody offers a way to change!  Well this is your opportunity to make a change for yourself!  


Empower Network already has proven results

If you want to waste a few days trying to figure out whether or not Empower Network actually works, be my guest.  But you're not going to find any negative reports from anyone who is sane.  Instead, try to focus on:


What type of information do you want to share?  How much money do you see yourself making?  What type of people do you want to attract?  


What type of online portfolio will you create with us that will reflect information and wealth?  Can you now begin to understand how you can share any type of information and teach others how to get paid by marketing it?

Still don't understand?  Watch this video.


All you have to do is build your own portfolio of information that will Empower the minds of others people who are just like you, and not idiots like the one in this video.  Sign up for your HOODX Empower Network account and get started on your future now!



If you're done making excuses, and singing the Uncle Ruckus song...if you're ready to JOIN THE REAL REVOLUTION and start MAKING MONEY, sign up here!


If you would like a full Empower Network presentation, watch this video:
For full information about becoming a HOODX.com Corporate Adimistrator, go here.



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