Hands with No Face

1. The person hiding behind the computer avatar version of themselves.

2. The person who gets into arguments on social network sights, which gives them a thrill or slight rush of adrenaline.

3. The person who pours their life's work into a social media sight. They do not realize that they do not own any of the actual material.

4. Those who have all their music, videos, pictures, blogs, and other media on social network sights. They publish all of their material through sites that they do not own.

5. The person who gets most of their information and shares it with people who are online. There is not much of a structure on how they receive, post, and share information. This is why on Monday, you might see lots of media on social network sites that express how they hate Mondays. Or on election day, you will notice that 95% of the posts are about the candidates. Or during a highly watched award show on television, lots of the status updates will be synchronized to what is happening on the show.

6. In Scientology  there is a concept called 'Ingram', which is "a mental image picture, which is a recording of an experience containing pain, unconsciousness and real or fancied threat to survival. It is the recording in the reactive mind of something which actually happened to an individual in the past and which contained pain and unconsciousness. It must, by definition, have impact or injury as part of its content." Engrams can be manipulated into "implants", which lead to "thought insertion", which is "thinking other people's thoughts that are not your own." The "Hands With No Face" are the verification that an engram is becoming an implant. The content of the implanted media is being shared to trigger a thought in the reactive mind of the observer.

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so thats liiiiike ... inception ?

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