Artist Interview Series-Revolva Rob

Who are you and where are you from?

I go by the name RevolvaRob Born & raised in Brooklyn,New York

Who are your influences?
Biggie smalls one of my influences and not wanting my kids to want for anything .
whats your process like? how do you come up with stuff?
My Process right now is being how the game done changed, is difficult. but i know with grinding,hard work and dedication i'm guaranteed to succeed . Its also difficult because its not about talent nomore its more political and who you know than skills.

How do you stand out? what makes you different from the rest?

My voice and my lyrical capability is how i stand out

How do you feel about the game today?

Im different because ive actually have something to say plus i'm versatile. i'm not one dimensional

Tell us about your new project
Im working on building a large following and a strong fan base by destroying every hot record lyrically and putting out visuals

If there's ONE person you could work with,who would it be?

If i had an opportunity to work with any artist it will be J. Cole

When it's all said and done,what do you want your legacy to be?

Want my legacy to be remembered as one of the dopest lyrical /storytellers rap artists from my era

any last words/shout outs? where can you be reached? (social media,booking,etc)

Last words? Ima just say Aint nobody beat safe until Im signed Monsta Talk and shout out to all who believe and supported me from the beginning til now . You can reach me on twitter, facebook, instagram, sound cloud @revolvarob also go check out my new video now FIGURE IT OUT on Youtube


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