Blood Sacrifice

1. The concepts that are "written in blood", instead of "just concepts".

2. Many life changing concepts and ideas only last for so long until people go back to their same habits. The idea that "somebody gotta die" in order for the concepts to have a full effect and actually change the course of life. The person that dies is known as the Osirus.

3. The person who dies in order to give life greater meaning. This person will signify many different interpretations of reasoning, based on the observer's level of reasoning.

4. It is blood that brings earth, wind, water, and fire to life. It is the "handshake" between the unseen and seen, which give reason to why we are here. Young infants are to be considered, "the will of God", do to the fact that they do not understand the concept of "free will". Because this blood carries the "will of God", it can be considered a "gateway" to manipulating the will God. This is why occultists drink baby blood as well as young animals.

5. A battery has a positive and negative end. All words in latin are considered masculine or feminine. Men and women are the most distinct representation of this same masculine and feminine energy. However, as children, they are not aware of this. It is during this time that their imagination is much more powerful and considered "the will of God". As long as this blood remains pure, then they are the will of God.

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