Born King has been called a prolific rapper, releasing two albums a year, one on his birthday and one on
Halloween. His 2007 album, Kradedis was heavily anticipated and sold out at The Sound Garden in
Baltimore, Maryland. It went on to house two Baltimore anthems, one in particular, “Blue Lights”, gained
attention from its criticism of the Baltimore police department's surveillance camera campaign; it made it
on Al Shipley’s Government Names 5th Anniversary Retrospective list. The second anthem, “A Better
Way”, focuses on the struggles of the everyday blue-collar worker with no hope in site, and spread
through Baltimore’s underground hip-hop scene through word-of-mouth.
In 2008 under the name Killa Fifth, Born King released, The Secret Order, an album containing lyrical and
abstract content, it was reviewed by Al Shipley for the City Paper being recognized for its
“uncompromising music and murky sonics”; it continues to garner attention through popular file-sharing
Born King is planning to release his next album, The Rize of the Lightkenz in the near future under his
Killa Fifth alias, an album that will creatively mesh concrete and abstract subjects into a powerful album
that will replenish Baltimore’s underground hip-hop circuit.


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