Check Out Kifresh On The Track - Fresh Trap & Trash (Hosted By @DJKingFlow)

DJ King Flow from Cashback Mafia has teamed up with French hip-hop producer "Kifresh On The Track" to bring you another hot mixtape with nothing but bangers. This is your introduction to the French hip-hop scene. 

Tracklist :
01 DJ King Flow Intro
02 Djoko Blind - Devine Qui (Prod. Kifresh)
03 Djoko Blind - Etre Ou Ne Pas Etre (Prod. Kifresh)
04 Djoko Blind - Fonsdé (Prod. Kifresh)
05 Djoko Blind - fuck ton smic (Prod. Kifresh)
06 Djoko Blind - Leve Ton Majeur (Prod. Kifresh)
07 Slicky & Karma King - Roseau (Prod. Kifresh)
08 Djoko Blind - Run 4 Me (Prod. Kifresh)
09 Sarka - la Meme (Prod. Kifresh)
10 Karma King & Slicky - Stoppeur (Prod. Kifresh)
11 Djoko Blind - Trop En Avance (Prod. Kifresh)
12 Djoko Blind - Tout c'que j'fume (Prod. Kifresh)
13 Djoko Blind - Winner (Prod. Kifresh)
14 Mogy - Yamabushi (Prod. Kifresh)

Download the Mixtape (Click Here)

Check Out The Cashback Mafia Website (Click Here)

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