Check Out Young Gutta (3rd Coast G's)

Coming from the state of Texas, Young Gutta is here to make an impression in this crazy rap game. and along with his 3rd Coast G's hes doing just that.

"I started young at 12 years old loving the way music made me feel. I knew then it was gone be apart of everyday life. I used to look up to my cousins a lot because they taught me how to put my rhymes on paper. When I was able to write a full song they took me to the studio and my dream took action. I was ready for it all from talent shows to just freestyling in crowds. At anytime I was walking track anxious for new intrumentals. I made bad investments but only to see how far I wanna go with this dream. I was told you have to find your own way and dont worry about the downs that come into your life. That's the reason why I talk about life so much. I lost both my grandmothers in 2008 and my whole life really changed. People that I used to be around stopped coming around. I felt like I was in this world by myself sometimes. A lot of pain and happiness at the same time. So I know I can't give up I live through the people lost."

He just dropped a new project "The Hardest Part Of Moving Forward Is Not Looking Back" and the first single "Hard Times" is a certified Banger


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