Dear Womb I am writing you this letter to let you know that I have grown to honor and protect you because I love you know . I want to sincerely deeply apologize for the abuse and stress I have endured over the years . I was polluting you not realizing I was discarding my life support . I was self destructing . Not realizing I was in need of a spiritual cleansing . I love you so much mz uterus . I love you greatly mama womb who is my mother ship. I weep at nights because I was nearly dead . But your wisdom soothed me your knowledge brought me back to life . My uterus started cleansing with discharge . She was purging . Cramping to reconstruct what was suppose to have been a mission to destroy the life chamber . Knowledge build me while wisdom guards me because I am their child . I knew back then as a little girl that I would have to end up alone if I wanted to survive. I was always having these answers with out asking questions . But this morning something reminded me when I was 9 the feeling of being alone . I already knew what that was going to feel like . So much was being revealed to me as a child that now I cherish to return to . I guess it is true to be child like minded to enter into the kingdom which is the light we carry within. Thank you womb for never giving up on the messages you were giving me through out my life with signs in disguise with cramps and menstrual and  miscarrying , discarding  and births from my portal . I am not worthy . 

                                                        Sincerely your star seed 

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