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Jail house lawyer

I swear wisdom keeps visiting me . I no longer fret to prove anything to anyone anymore , rather I'm right and your wrong. Everyone wants proof cause it's habit. That's why most won't change even after proof is shown to them. These jail house lawyers have housed their own minds into contempt. They contemplate everything wit very little effort to make drastic change. Jail house lawyers who want proof over intuition and spiritual facts. I'll never debate or want proof from artificial intelligent… Continue

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When I began 2 learn 2 love self my thighs began 2 close. I no longer wanted to participate in that type of ritual anymore. I knew that was not love or a start to love some1. And it def was not loving self. I started to starve my flesh that always had control of my soul. Now my soul has more power than my flesh I switched it and now my soul is winning and I am seeing the rewards of true LOVE that comes from within not outwardly

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We all say we have em but what type of frenz r we keepin company? The ones we can share only neg shyt wit? Ones we can only be happy around wit? One we have to stay praising em and making em feel good? What types are we interacting wit? Do we just gossip with em? Death disguises it self in the title frenz so most times we are inviting death disguised as frenz

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The saying goes time heals and patience is a virtue. Time was made so we can time how long or patient one has to be. But patience is the true time within on how long or how much faith we just know it will take to be patient and let a storm pass or a healing to occur. When we focus on trying to stay patient is when we exclude time

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every day we learning or staying stagnant

I'm learning that if I'm not learning something new daily then my soul is stagnant and if it stays stagnant for too long then I start feeling depressed ,,, I am learning a lot about me instead of trying to sound intellectually correct to others ,, I'm my biggest student and teacher

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Phoenix Rising

2day I was happy for no reason ,,, then I realized that I have been dropping muthafuckas from my cipher who no longer serve my inner g any positive purpose what so ever! Including this one guy that I was close to for 4 years ,, was always there for him even financially at times but I never ever got that same token of love back ,,, it always stayed a one sided coin ,, sooo today I decided to block him off my social page and real life ,,, and to my amazement my spiritual level just shot…


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Virgo Drama

Being the Virgo that I am and learning that I'm ruled by mercury and also Sagittarius I believe ,, I am learning that Im becoming quite the introvert I like being left the fuck alone I work better creating my own happiness not depending on outside happiness but more within when I think of creating something such as anointing candles or oils in that manner but I also pick up on inner g from all sorts of mfkers I use to be called drama because if I didn't like someone's passive aggressive ways id… Continue

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I have been noticing that when I read certain books and can relate people right a way put me in a category . For example ,.,, I own 2 books from Dr York so a lot ask me if I am Nuwaubian because of how I speak and believe in which is ridiculous. Emotional Energy and Genetic Kiss are two things I have always believed in because who we kiss we will pick up on their inner g rather we believe it or not. Then I have some saying they thought I wasn't religious because I so happen to love certain…


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Got rid of my cable box and these 3 tv's in my home ... I know I did some thing major more insight to come .. I am already knowing. Hunger pains wasn't be comforted by food this time./ Had to digger deeper in my intestines and go to the source. Polluted by MK Ultras pulling at mty mental while I slept with tv nazi tubes all through my home breathing of mine and my star seeds electro magnetic brain wave activities. I feel sorry for children who are stuck in a home with tv screens .. so damn…


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Last heartache was all it took last year to get back on my throne is divine essence. What I thought I wanted don't mean shit this year I fort fitted that shit real quick. No bitter taste just pure nectar honey coming from my inner core raging with heaven eye soar mountain tops my breasts filled with life. Was caught up in strife! Taking visions off my melanin scrambling through my plasma. Thighs still shake when I become one flesh with his. Membranes out of his league but his soul over wins…


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lydia + michelle = 13 dat power baby plus my numerology number is 5 to that damn T ... soo 13+5=18=1+8=9 .. cant tell me nothing ,, people don't inner stand who I AM ,, can hear people talking bout me in they thoughts thousand miles away ... rain or shine truth comes to me ... nor am i amused by my power i stay humble in every trial and error . Not worried bout a damn fake ass thang outwardly i got everything i need inwardly ... GRATEFUL!

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I can feel peoples vibes from thousands of miles away i cant believe you cant feel that how do people not pick up on they receptors they ya protectors im constantly channeling shit i just felt that too today ... smh ,, these shifts such magnetically tuned ,, vibes of positive inner all up in my medulla. Her yoni pulsates at the sound of thunda can't no woman alive speak if she cant vibrate with nature and create da flow of honey then shes da carbon copy we been warned about but no body…


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Why do we add our 2 cents to what people are eating when at one time no one could tell us shit bout our own selves at one time as well ? Why do these so called conscious cats think they get powerful and no body is suppose to shut down the info they are trying to pass along? I use to be stressed cause I could not get my mama and siblings to think like me now I just stop giving a fuck and do me and I am happier and less stress again. I don't even worry about others anymore I have my own 5 to…


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As we go through more dimensions as time mentions nothing is as what it seems like. We can no longer go off some ones skin colour for that is a phasod . I have always gone of a persons vibe but now I am learning not to give some one a pass who looks like me or my children . If a mother fucka ain't right that person just ain't ever going to be right. I can still feel peoples vibes from more than 2 planets away . 

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How many mothers do we know that home school their children? I don't know of any , but I have linked up with some beautiful mothers through the internet. I love discussing the neg and the pos in regards to home schooling our children . I might be hosting a blog radio with a co-host on home schooling REAL SOON . We need to reach out to more melain homes , no doubt.

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In the era of 2013 this shit sucks big time. I am doing so many things to improve my enviorment starting at home with learning how to garden , cut out dairy products completely and home schooling my children. Even took it a step further and got rid of comcast cable and sold all 3 of our tv's  following a garage sale to sell all my dvd's and tv stand and dvd holder. Replaced all that with some chess and scrabble for my star seeds. But I have also noticed some GMO in the dating scene as well .…


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Be your own inspiration . When any one offers any got damn advice ,, you automatically become they muse. This one reason why I don't ask for shit . I will ask the yoniverse b4 I ask man kind. Too many damn followers ( zombies ) it gets to my mental looking at these so called temples. 

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i hate this fucking world .. mfkers more worried bout em sagging breasts ,, getting cut da fuck open cause they so depressed ... tummy tucks just to impress ,,, da fellows ,, who aint real herus ... just bottom feeders stuck on brew and tons of different insecure women ,,,

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Melanin not really knowin

fuckin with em cave bitches 

gonna bring you down

faster than you claim u can run 

ya damn clown 

Mfkers think I'm hatin

cause I'm mexycan

not fully inner standin

food making hard for you to comphrehension 

minimum dimensions 

millions of prisons 

ready for our strong melanin

we stuck out of union

zombies on dat shit 

couldn't be me



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clones all around flying em drones ,,, under ground tunnels ,,, keep experimenting to make us cyclones ,,, less than 1/2 population made at home ,, rest come from nazis science lab ,, mfkers thinking I need rehab ,,, they throw em jabs ,,, back stabbers ain't never glad ,,, we off jurisdiction ,, corrupted ,, beasts ,, continue to feasts ,, on our melanin pineal gland ,, physicians constantly checking out thyroid gland ,,, all in em hands ,, look…


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