I can feel peoples vibes from thousands of miles away i cant believe you cant feel that how do people not pick up on they receptors they ya protectors im constantly channeling shit i just felt that too today ... smh ,, these shifts such magnetically tuned ,, vibes of positive inner all up in my medulla. Her yoni pulsates at the sound of thunda can't no woman alive speak if she cant vibrate with nature and create da flow of honey then shes da carbon copy we been warned about but no body listens just steady dissin on whom ever dont look like ya neighbor. Its deeper than this vapor they been shovin with caucaus history its goes deeper than what malcom x discovered in mecca ,, this magnificent heffa obese with truce vibing on higher outter core of heats lava crystalizing yo karma deception and fantastic alligator liars full of crab shack and groupies .. yeah i snapped alright like a rubber band in tune out of mans law and land my toes stand on saturn rings that sits inbetween my inner being attached to my solar high beams

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