Was thinking just now .. was I ever a home wrecker ? I would have to say yes . Met a couple of men who had girl frenz who I allowed 2 take me out on a couple of dates . Even chased one away from her own baby's father . Am I proud of any of this .. of course not but I am self reflecting and realizing the consequences that were behind all that . Could I do that again ? No . But when I do meet dudes who have women I feel bad so I end up ignoring them now . Learned to respect self by respecting the women who's men are skirt chasing because I gain more ground that way . I did a lot of shit with out ever thinking any thing through , Now I do . It is a doggie dog world but that doesn't mean i have to walk around with a treat in my hands any more to feed these dogs just to teach em a new trick or two . Just have some deep stuff on my mind 2nite ,,, getting more comfortable with blogging on HoodX no doubt . Not trying to send out the wrong inner g but just some hard cold facts on what a ,ot of us women do to each other with out really thinking and now I think bout everything I do and participate in because it will always link its way back to me good or bad . 

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Comment by cosmic flow on April 11, 2013 at 1:53pm

K-Blao I choose life now not death .. life meaning something 2 grow on ,,, death meaning stuck in misery no growth like weeds in a field ,,, am thankful for this site indeed...

Comment by K-Blao on April 11, 2013 at 2:46am
Life is a stage and we all play the characters. Sometimes we aren't aware of the characters we play. Sometimes we choose to be greedy. But we here at HOODX exist in a place called "Time without time". We give you those hours back to make everything right again..if you choose to.

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