In the era of 2013 this shit sucks big time. I am doing so many things to improve my enviorment starting at home with learning how to garden , cut out dairy products completely and home schooling my children. Even took it a step further and got rid of comcast cable and sold all 3 of our tv's  following a garage sale to sell all my dvd's and tv stand and dvd holder. Replaced all that with some chess and scrabble for my star seeds. But I have also noticed some GMO in the dating scene as well . Since I have given up m y vehicles meeting a man with his own shit I have realized these men are lazy . I am a nature sign by DNA I love out doors . No body wants to walk in the parks any more or go for a stroll by lake views and hear water baptize our thoughts. What in the fuck is this world coming too? Don't care how long one can go in the bedroom anymore but how long can one go to stimulate my mind or his . How much can one with stand being out doors before wanting to go crawling back into they cave and turn on the tv ????? Where did I miss this shit at ? Is this what my ancestors were also warning and preparing me for a gmo, lazy generation of lazy ass men who think with a hard on for hours is what women want who are consciously awake ? This is some bull shit!

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Comment by cosmic flow on August 26, 2013 at 11:18pm

Hi Mike ... im at ,, Lydia-Michelle@egyptcianna ..... 

Comment by Mic nerks on August 6, 2013 at 10:06pm

what is ur twitter im @divinerubies

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