I have been noticing that when I read certain books and can relate people right a way put me in a category . For example ,.,, I own 2 books from Dr York so a lot ask me if I am Nuwaubian because of how I speak and believe in which is ridiculous. Emotional Energy and Genetic Kiss are two things I have always believed in because who we kiss we will pick up on their inner g rather we believe it or not. Then I have some saying they thought I wasn't religious because I so happen to love certain scriptures from a King James bible . Then some say I am spiritual because of going vegan. I mean I am diverse. I'm not stuck in a box nor am I climbing out out of one . This lets me know that people are stuck in a box. I kick boxes around for fun. There is knowledge to be applied all around us. I ain't idle to any one . My spirit so FREE to roam where it may to receive absolute inner standing. I always say inner standing not over standing or under standing . All my wisdom and knowledge comes from inner standing within what's being applied outwardly. People like to place others in categories because they stuck categorizing they damn selves. As for me I could care less what people think or say about me while I am trying to higher my self awareness and capabilities. Never allow any one to dictate who you are and what you are . I can't stand people who assume that's my biggest pet peeve . Just ask so I can set you straight on who I am not what you think I am by who I am reading at the time.  Peace!

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