Elly The 22 releases sweet new afrobeat single "Candy"

Straight from Ugly Faces Entertainment is the most explosive World record you will hear all year. Defying the patriarchy of her continent’s music circuit, Elly The 22 has released “Candy”; and established the prowess of female energy by doing so. As fun and commercial as this Afrobeat single is, it is likewise evidence of tremendous talent on Elly’s part. Singlehandedly, this Ghanan artist brings both singing and rapping to the table; and annihilates both with flawless precision. After clever, bar-heavy verses, she lunges into an impeccably melodious chorus. One that eternalizes the spirit of summer, with its vibrance and torrid captivation. “I want that candy, yeah!” This song is a catchy celebration of love and attraction, totally embodying the dint of emotions you feel when that special someone crosses your path. Currently, “Candy” is the sweetest thing on international airwaves. Once you get a taste of Elly The 22, and her latest creation, you’ll swiftly return for more.

Stream "Candy" today:

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