NIU Kno releases artful new compilation album: “Life, is But A Dream”

Are we living a dream or reality? The latest effort by LIV3 FR33, a Los Angeles brand spearheaded by producer-artist, NIU Kno, blurs that line with excellence. For “Life, Is But A Dream”, a compilation album outfitted with nine, lucid tracks, the artist(s) gives the themes of sleep, dreaming, and afterlife, sonic prevalence. Its features lunge from Fatlip, 777Kamikaze and Kay Franklin to Mary Dee, Korryn Gaines and NIU Kno himself, with each one of these artists delivering an idiosyncratic twist to the overall concept of the project. Samples are lush and plentiful; drums frolic in the fields of both trap and boom-bap; and the bars on “Life...” are beyond bewildering. Spin joints such as “Sleepwalking”, “Sunshine”, “Virtual Insanity”, or even the penultimate record “Walk Str8”, and the reverie of life will equivalently reveal itself to you. For “Life, Is But A Dream” is an unavoidable epiphany that LIV3 FR33 flawlessly inspires.

“Life, Is But A Dream” on Soundcloud 


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