Get Your Music Video on Comcast Network with #HOODXLIVE


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I can't believe this....
Minneapolis is ROLLING WITH US HARD!
They are playing us tonight for TWO STRAIGHT HOURS on Comcast Network Minneapolis!
That means we will reach over 1.7 million houses with YOUR VIDEO!
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That is crazy!
You can watch us on MTN Comcast Minneapolis at 10pm CST on the live stream here (DON'T USE CHROME)
Oh snap, I almost forgot!

We LIVE in Nashville at 11pm EST:
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It doesn't stop there...because we are LIVE in PHILLY at 12:30EST!
Watch the live stream here
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Don't forget that we are also LIVE tonight in Oakland at 10pm PST! 
That's MIDNIGHT central time/ 1am EASTERN time.
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That's SIX HOURS of #HOODXLIVE tonight LIVE STREAMING right from your phone!
Our broadcasts will air over 75 independent hip hop music videos tonight on Comcast Network.
Can you think of another company that is doing that?
Also, don't forget #HOODXRADIO streams LIVE 24/7/365 here:
#HOODXLIVE is on Comcast Network every night and streams live from 20 major cities across the US.  
For our full schedule go here:

Visit HOODX 3.0 #HOODXLIVE at:

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