The "Hollow Bonez" Lit:

1. When somebody is super RELIGIOUS but still not SPIRITUAL.


2. The preacher who sacrifices his spirituality in order to pay the bills.

3. A very conscious person who "just has something missing."


4.Not crossing (The Wall Of Fire)....Most are unconscious and talking god, notice the lower g....Truth God...Scary thing is that those under them are at his whim....Even if he's lost, sad....Money will put you to sleep quicker than anything on earth, now pass the collection plate.............  

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Comment by DENNIS JACKSON on July 11, 2014 at 12:25pm

Funny (or maybe not) that you have Creflo pic up here. He has been recorded stating that he would like people to tithe even before entering the church and that he would like to shot people that didn't.

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