SATAN AKA SET ( Addresses His Kingdom} THEE SET ADDRESS.

Here we stand 1000 strong, chiefs,heads of states and night walkers; here with my most sacred agents. I greet you all in urgency for its has been over been 5000 years since our last gathering, there has been no need till now, every now and then there come a time when the party is over, we have had our way for over the last eons of what they call time, to us a day .. In this I will set you all on your mission this time is for keeps.. Must I inform you all that we are in the time of revelations the darkest hour of the earth.Even though it sounds like this we should celebrate in word yes but in essence no these are the times of the rising God's the one they call Horace the son of Ausar which we should never utter in their time and space spectrum.. Always careful to move in the shadows never to awaken thee nor his sons,for he is already rising in God, as of the papyrus text reads; so that tell us he's out there. Notice how our created weather patterns have been disrupted by the sun. For years we have had this under complete control; there are things happening that I did not ordain some of these wars are not my doing either man needs to be checked or he lives, which tells me it's time for the beheading s. I have open the gates of limitation for u all everything goes. We must crack his Adams, split his mind,break his hands and tie his feet and do it in complete silence for we must not awaken his father he must not cry out loud he must not pray. Give him pain but make

it seem to come from his own doing that way he may hide from God and hopefully never cried to God.. We must seek to keep in mind that the spiritual universe reigns supreme regardless of the synthetic conditions we've created if we would embody the greatest good and twisted to our own advantage.We tell them that they are imperfect only to know that if the spiritual universe were not perfect it could not exist for a single moment.. His truth is indivisible and whole to perfect calls must produce a perfect effect, I share with you my supreme wisdom this is the time we reign for ever; never to turn back to God. We will make it appear as their own doing and in that thee will leave them in thee ways for us to rule .. The student of truth will maintain that he lives in a perfect universe and among people potentially perfect.. There, we we'll intervene, he will regulate his thinking to me this necessity and will refuse to believe in his opposite. For that I have grasp hold of the women next to him mothers and all, I have set a force through the airwaves that will always question his existence. It will make his father's law seem peity and of an imaginary realm , if there ever to create in their father's image he must confine in her and she must believe in him,,{there believe in him} is where I step inn , my unreality must be her reality where she will hand over creation to me and my kingdom... At first he may be influence by conditions that we stage and he may appear to be weak, must we not let up, for as time goes on he will prove to himself that his position is the correct one, for that which appears imperfect will begin to slip from his experience... keep him in this world and of this world is the key to our strength, we must stop the soul from becoming illuminated and acquaint yourself with God and be at peace.. The reason man has difficulty in throwing off some weaknesses of character, while believing in the spirit realm and having faith that he is going to overcome his limitations, is because he has not induced the necessary images in mind for if he did he would have overcome his troubles, no that thinking of the weakness keeps the image of it before him. That's where my newest agent come in Decepticom our media over ruler. Here we will flood the airwaves and TV with thoughts of hopelessness, buffoonery , deaf,destruction, nothing of real importance, reality shows, that

will be our guide for proper behavior, we will show the own themes of materialism, and contrast it to their ordinary life from those images shown before them, It will cause a sudden depression as they taken all the images shown and heard.They will forget God he will become second in their lives and the gain of money and all that it holds will become first, we must falsely appear to bless the most ignorant person we can find to make it seemed that this is the way. We will uplift those in our ranks who are the twisted in mind and thought;those who are the most lost in our world of illusion.. These we have chosen very carefully, inn them we must know that the way of God is gone and that they have unconsciously chosen the path we lay out while they're thinking they're doing God's work we must keep them comfortable in their ways, never to shake them for they might wake up.. It is my duty to remind you that there will be times when the great mother Auset will attempt to slip inn and use the media spectrum to her own advantage and shows them their reflections and remembrance of who they really are even in our deception the great mother goddess will attempt to extend her hand to them to put the scattered pieces back together. Here is where most of my concerns are because she will do it in a way that we might even think is of our own doing so let's not be fooled.. You must study your hands before you put hem to work, for they must all agree to make a fist before striking a blow.. Study your puppets make sure the life they have is granted by you and nothing else.. For if they stray destroy them, as if to be seen a mile away, use them as an example for all to see. Make sure you keep the goons with money and their women thirsty, money have become their God and I have all of it to bless them with... Now,chiefs,and heads of state leave,night walkers and my most sacred agents bear with me. I had a scratch that I ignored then I looked and it turned into

a sore at the same time I learned that my power to heal was gone, the one they call Horace.. If we do not share in my pain the same will happen to you, on this full moon we honor the backwards six primitive man believed that names should be treated with respect. It was considered connected with the soul and the shadow, Horace,Micha-El,Tipareth,Shango,Jakuta,Bhuvaneshari,Yeshua, with these names we target.He dwells in the six sphere, his ruling planet is the sun, red and white beholds the colors of his garment, his gem is of the ruby stone,he prays to the West. He is son of Ausar,for he sees the unseen and seen, meaning he may see us, and will be fearless in his greeting, his senses are almost completely wired to the either.In his DNA are traces of the Kings of God's of many names, he is written of in the Hall's of temples, born of the ninth gnome of Lower Egypt, Lord of remembrance in the halls of the two truths,son of Ra the sky and the stars obey him, the portals open for him the fixed stars are under his rule the tireless stars are his dwelling place , the Earth bounds him, and the ghetto be his location,and with that I set you all on the path.. Find him and bring him to me. dead in spirit and

alive in body .....So i can behead him in front of you all. Then you will no that I thee be almighty.....Go.. SATAN SPEAKSHERU CRY OUT MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN) 

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