Introducing UnderGround Railroad Entertainment Group

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The Underground Railroad Entertainment Group is an Independent Record Label that was started in the heart of Memphis, TN by CEO Phillip Duncan aka Memphis Don but more professionally known as The Blasting Cap. The Underground Railroad Entertainment Group‘s CEO Phillip Duncan is not new to the music industry in fact he too was once an Artist and has been in the music industry to take a professional seat next to artists like Skaface Al Kapone, Gangsta Black, 8 Ball & MJG, Pretty Tony, The M-Team, Gangsta Pat, Terry Turner, Archie Bald Head, Skinny Pimp, Radical T and The Second Level aka Tela the Terrible and Cody Mack all of these artists are recognized as being a part of the Memphis Signature of Hip-Hop. And this group has a pretty full roster including:







"he recording industry has changed greatly as a direct result of the internet. Labels are hungry for artists and offer distribution deals in order to get the talent they desire. Although our label does rely on word of mouth at the ground level, we are led by the internet and use that resource to reach the people who are listening for truth. Today, through award-winning, in-color, and metaphoric writing in the forms of stories, fables, and poems, our hip-hop artists are reaching the big crowds."

And with a healthy track record of releases they are indeed reaching the "Big Crowds"

Check Out Genius2 By Paso & Pyrex 

Check Out Crazy By Lil A

And theres always more music to come. STAY TUNED.....

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