I need to speak to my ladies for a minute . My Queens ,, are we polluting our wombs with non sense as food and unneeded sex from different sex partners or even a partner that is negative ? See I dated before and even have different dads for my children , Not inner standing that I was damaging my temple . Not because I wanted a family of my own but because I wasn't taught or prepared as a young woman to venture off and experience with no proper tools to get what I thought I was yearning for . Beautiful start seeds not here to bash or get in your business but to share what a queen as my self have been through and experienced so I can spread some wisdom that I wish was spread unto me . Be very choosy who we allow to become one with us during sex . Rather you care or not one can always stop sleeping around I did ... gave it all up even my children's dads . Soul ties is no joke . I feel better I am more in tune with in my self . My body speaks to me . Have any of you women ever heard your uterus cry or tremble ? I have . if you are not in a stable relationship your uterus is crying . If you have ever had an abortion your uterus is crying . If you have been in an abusive relationship and made up every time with sex and nothing has changed your uterus is crying . I have been through all this and more . I know this will reach some one or I would not have felt the need to blog this . For once I don't care or nor am afraid to share my story . I am for building healthy sistarhood and uplifting ,, that's it . I am only interested in feeding out positive inner g ... time to start healing . 

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Comment by K-Blao on April 7, 2013 at 10:40am
I'm not a woman, but this post touched my heart. Never forget that all bad works for the good.

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