Kilo M.O.E toys with experimental hip hop notes in the breathtaking premise of 'Fly G'z and Palm Treez'

Leading the genre with the same confidence, attitude, and swagger, Kilo M.O.E has portrayed himself as an artistically armed and musically aware hip hop artist, with his intense and rhythmically unique latest release. The 11-piece musical extravaganza has turned out to be the epitome of creative brilliance and charming musicianship. The powerful groove and the uplifting flow of the entire arrangement are sonically smooth and are offered through mesmerizing vocals of the creator. The album Fly G'z and Palm Treez is an appropriate reflection of the immense ability that the artist possesses. The album showcases the evolution of the artist from an aspiring musician to a rhythmically equipped individual. Crafted under Tha Grizz Publishing Corp, this musical collection is certainly one of the most engaging creations of the artist.

Opening up with the track 'What A Feeling', the album kicks into rhythmically enthralling vibes, along with captivating lyricism and a structurally strong arrangement. 'Doctor Shirley' takes on the charge from there on through a subtle flow and touch of synth-like riffs, backed up by the confident voice of the artist. The entire structure of the track is equally gripping and binding. The premise of the new music collection of the hip hop phenomenon gets intensified through the tracks 'Bih Pleas' and 'All On Me'. These tracks have switched the gear and added spark to the tone of the entire presentation, laden with multilayered synths and moments of angst. The widely scattered ideas play significant roles in reflecting the true intentions of the artist, which is breathtaking.

Engineered under the self-owned company of the artist, O.M.G Entertainment, inc., this is the fourth studio album of the artist and the impact is way greater compared to his previous creations. 'Walk In The Top', 'Make Em Mad', and 'Uh Oh' is truly the highlight elements of the entire collection. Kilo M.O.E has barely paused through the collection; his breathless journey throughout the development of each of the tracks reflects his determination and passion for the genre of hip hop. Considered as a timeless collection, this album is pretty easy to get drowned within, provided the structural intricacies will never let the listeners come out of the impact of the album. Every story, every word, every verse of the collection has added depth to the genre.

The track 'Elevate' literally elevates the energy around the ambiance of the project, provoking the musical senses through refreshing bars and enthralling vibes. The contrasting musicality of 'Watch What Ya Say, on the other hand, takes a new direction, making the audience groove to something new. Coming to the conclusion with 'Let Her Go' and 'Star Light', 'Fly G'z and Palm Treezadds freshness to the musical timeline and makes headlines on the hip hop news.  The lyricism will always hold tight to your attention, along with awesomeness injected through the bright soundscape and the colorful premise. The album is currently streaming on all major platforms, so go and get mesmerized through the sheer brilliance of this hip hop star.

Fly Geez and Palm TreezKilo MOE

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