Burn victim overcomes insurmountable odds, now uses music to inspire others

LITTLE ROCK, AR – When Keyshawn Sanders was only 11 years old, he was involved in an automobile accident that would leave 85 percent of his body burned and result in a brain injury that caused him to lose half his memory. In the years since then, he has had more than 200 surgeries and had to learn how to both walk and talk again.

But walking and talking are not enough for this young man out of Little Rock, Arkansas. He has overcome odds that most would consider insurmountable, and with each step forward, he is getting closer and closer to realizing his dream of becoming the next music icon.

“Music is the reason why I’m still living on this earth today,” he said. “I love music and it was what I turned to when things were really bad. I know that it’s a blessing that I’m still here and I just want to be an inspiration to other people – especially other burn survivors. My dream is to perform all around the world, and when I have that light shining and people hear my story, they won’t be afraid of their scars or the things that they think are hindering them. They’ll embrace who they are.”

That message is literally the foundation for Sanders’ new song, “You Inspire Me.” Operating under the stage name Mc’Loven, this hip-hop artist brings a new single that is sure to make people pay attention. He describes the tone as a little bit of instrumental orchestration mixed with a great beat, all of which sets the table for his standout lyrics and a voice that cannot be ignored.

“I’ve always been different, and when people listen to me they really listen,” he said. “What I say is really impactful and leaves a mark. Everything is coming from my heart and what is said from the heart reaches the heart. The hook on this song is meant to inspire everybody to be a better version of them. Someone inspired me to do better through music, and I want to push this single out to the world and inspire others in the same way. I made it to touch some hearts.”

Mc’Loven said he loves all forms of music but has always been drawn specifically to hip-hop. He points to artists like J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsy Hustle and Chris Brown as inspirations for his own unique sound and style. With all of them, he said he appreciates the message behind the music – not just the way they rap or the beats they create, though he loves those, too.

Once “You Inspire Me” makes its way around the world, Mc’Loven said he will release a follow-up projects that he’s already started working on. To listen to Mc’Loven’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:


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