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Overwhelmingly talented...Dramatically different...Mesmerizing!

Cherri Poet – The Musical Artist
An accomplished stage performer, songwriter poet and Hip- hop/reggae/rap recording artist, Cherri Poet excels at performing regardless of the medium. To date, she has released three musical compositions and several music videos and a host of new singles. Cherri also is credited with composing the lyrics to the hit song “Sweet Summer Angel,” which hit the radio waves by storm as well as dance halls across internationally. Cherri's exceptional musical talent has resulted in her appearing on several tv shows in Philadelphia including Franchise Live and Enter the Zone, just to name a couple. She has sang alongside such artists as Anthony Malvo, Baby Sham, Elephant Man in New Jersey, Mikey Slow, Old school Rapper Mc Lyte, Gospel artist Yolanda Adams, Shady Records affiliate-Speed Child, Macka Diamond, Spragga Benz, King Yellowman, Lady G, Tilly Beng, Steven Souza, Anthony Malvo, legendary DUB Poet and irie FM radio host, Mutabaruka and many more Hip hop, Reggae and even ROCK artists.

Cherri Poet – The Actor
As an actress, Cherri can be seen on the big screen in such work as “Tears of My Joy” playing the part of “Homeless Woman,” among others. Her talents can also be seen on the stage. Cherri played the role of Sandra Doner in the short play “The Shoe” which appeared as part of the Colonial Playhouse's presentation of it's 9th annual “Colonial Quickies.” She also took on the role of Matilda in Lucille Fletcher's “Night Watch,” Redirected by Tracy Lango at The Stagecrafters theatre in Alden, PA. This role was met with rave reviews. As a result of this performance, Cherri was met nightly by crowds of fans who praised her work. After that, Cherri went on to direct and act in the play “Kissing Cousins” - written by Joy Smith. She also played a highly talked about and highly praised role of wife and mother in the multi-award winning movie “Somewhere In Baltimore.”
Cherri Poet – On the Air
In 2011, she made her mark as Radio D.J., hosting her own show "Cherri Poets Hip-Reggae-Hops Event" on Linkage Radio in New York. The show promoted the hottest up and coming artists rarely heard on radio. She was determined to support inde artists due to her own struggles of obtaining radio play on most radio stations. During her time on the show she interviewed many artists, including a two hour chat with Hip Hop/Funk originator and legendary Producer Afrika Bambaataa. Cherri also interviewed the godfather of Hip hop legend D.J. Kool Herc and many other artists big and small. Another major milestone was her interview with then Prime Minister of Jamaica' wife, first lady, Mrs. Andrew Holness. She performed a fierce reality poem, “Hard Times,” which was well received by the former first lady.

Cherri Poet – TV Host
After a year and a half, Cherri left radio to take up a host position on television where she remains today, three years later. Cherri been hosting Music Vibration tv show! “Music Vibration” Produced by Joy Smith, Airs on Cabelvision, Bronx, channel 68.Tuesdays 2-3pm and Sundays 4- 5pm and online at


(ReggaeRapStar!... Superstar! Premiers her Brand New for 2016 Conscious Hip- hop tune. Written and Produced by Cherri Poet. When asked what was the inspiration for writing the song, Cherri Poet explained: "it was written at a time when I realized how influential I was as an artist. When I fully understood that, although an independent and unsigned artist, children and young adults look up to me in a major way. It was at a time when I noticed that what I did or said, others would follow. In College, if I pulled out a cigarette, the other students would want a cig also. If I used the " N" word, even the White kids would follow. That's when I decided it was more important for me to set positive examples thru my music, than to blow up quick talking I'll ish"


@reggaerapstarCP ON TWITTER

Albums available on cdbaby, Amazon, ITunes


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