Born in Riverdale, Georgia raised in East Atlanta , Trevin "Sleepy" Cunningham - Roberson has always had a passionate love for music. Granted, his parents were not find of some of the lyrics leaving him to secretly listen to music.


While doing a middle school science project involving the periodic table, the upcoming artist utilized his gift. A very clever rap song was presented. Classmates as well as his teacher were astounded! He was then given the opportunity to perform for other classes.


Ironically, school is where he obtained the nickname, "Sleepy." While attending high school, the rapper faced conflicts with the law. Shortly after, life changing trials and tribulations started to erupt. But even while enduring being homeless, jail, drugs, and the street life, he still persevered with his music. Sleepy started to realize that even through the storm, the art of music can be of deliverance. Currently, the aspiring artist is signed with the label distribution UniScoped Distribution. A mixtape is underway including Is first single, "Ain't Cut." He is also working on building his self as an entertainer and a artist informing others of his struggle and how he preserved with his music

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