(1) The first sound was Aum and all words have spawned from this.  All sounds are a very low density form of light.   Your thoughts are energy and vibration that create Quanta particles (Light) the basic building blocks of matter.

(2) The establishment of the movement of quantum particles within a field of energy containing information establishes a standard rate of movement known as a frequency.  Everything has a specific frequency.  Thoughts are frequencies.  Thinking emanates a stream of energy that causes all matter to begin to resonate (move) with the energy of our thinking.

(3) When you align yourself with a particular frequency, you will magnetize all of the manifestations of that frequency to you.  The universe and the solar-system starts with magnetism. The quality of thoughts you create and sustain, determines your frequency.  Certain sounds like words change the vibratory frequencies that move matter in sacred geometrical patterns.  

(4) When you physically speak you are restoring a program to your brain and putting limits on you manifestations and others with your words. The Englisch language is the worst implanted language of them all as it was the last language created on the planet derived from all the others. It contains the most confusing inconsistencies on purpose locking down your imagination.  This is and much further explained in the-bastard-language-lit.

(5) Speaking is a program of the mind and it is an effect of the downgrade of huemans that has devolved us since the fall of the-original-mind to the synthetic mankind operating at low frequencies of fear.  Aurally speaking makes it challenging to keep a balanced brain utilizing and activating all areas of the brain so you may move into higher levels of power, speed and intelligence.  When you can submit to discipline yourself to certain neurologic practices through your Life Force, LOVE frequency, you will be open to different and distinct capabilities we now refer to as "super" natural.  This is what discipline and practice does. 

(6) This unbalanced brain has been divided into a so called "left" and "right" brain insinuating one side is right and other is left behind.  When in fact, you have only one brain that is hemispherical in nature.  These hemispheres are connected by the corpus callosum, unfortunately, atrophied in most individuals, thus never achieving a hemi-synced brain.  This keeps us in the illusion of separation.  In our natural state of affairs there is no division not even into gender units.  The heart and the posterior ventrilateral perinatal cortex of the brain does not recognize gender.  There is no gender there is only being in the form of Godbody.  Male and females unite at the heart level when they come together for real-love.

(7) If you ever see your ultra blue body you will have no mouth or genitalia and will have a somewhat developed chest.  Your blue avatar does not speak, it communicates from the sixth seal.  Creating action out of love its limitless thinking communicates telepathically mind to mind.  You have no need to speak.



Words are thoughts.


Control your mind.


Learn how to speak.


Stop putting spells on yourself and others attain the final-level-spirit.


Etmy means TRUE MEANING and Ology means STUDY OF 


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Comment by jannie on November 7, 2013 at 12:31am
WHATwow this is another amazing blog, I didn't want to stop reading great information I can see you did your research on this. 13 LOVE
Comment by poemoe on June 13, 2013 at 10:42pm

u snapped Godspeed

Comment by Mic nerks on June 12, 2013 at 9:56pm

thankh u I can vibe w that stayin on this frequency so am-ma have moor cumin lol

Comment by K-Blao on June 12, 2013 at 9:37pm
Brilliant work and research

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