(Sampson and Delilah a house divided)

    Through the window came sounds of music, police sirens, and niggas whistling communication of gang banging. It was high noon the sun beamed hard, the window fan was buzzing as if to be over worked, JerrySpringer was playing on the TV set, hold up let me go get another beer said Sampson ,as Delilah answered the phone Sampson cracked  the ice house and sat back down  Delilah proceeded to finish braiding his hair. She would secretly leave one braid  crooked and loose [hating for no reason]; her conversation gave a tone of cackling hyenas, which caused Sampson to drink more and more till the tone was drowned out. He was the son of Manoh ,of Zorah of the tribe of Dan .He had great strength .In his past he was the chief enforcer of his gang ,that was long ago now he seems to be house broken .Sampson forgot the law of spiritual discipline which gave him physical strength ,he lost all understanding an often hid from the sunlight .Unlike his grandfather who taught total abstinence from all intoxicating liquors and to always keep a fresh hair do an furthermore to stay away from dead minded men and women the resistance of gravity make u stronger .Sampson came to do the complete opposite, in that Delilah put him to sleep and took his vitality and directed toward her means where he only exists through her which strengthen her in the in the concept of [Babylon privileged]gave to her by Set and executed threw Decepticom  the media over ruler …She felt no need for knowledge and understanding she can careless a man lost in his own understanding a woman driven by chaos ,Delilah sip the Henny black took a pull off the cigarette ,shit ,she hung up the phone nigga get up and put that sparkle in I’m tired of watching this bullshit ,damn its hot she complained always complaining was her deposition …Keeping the energy field in the house a little off balance .It was like a rocking boat to Sam swaying left to right  not quite sturdy …My head hurt she shouted as Sam sat back down  for the fifth time  he sip the beer an got back up . The words she spoke irritated him even more unaware of the fact that she was the reason he keep drinking .it like trying to run from a person while holding their hand at the same time …[pressure]…Smoke in the air the TV and the radio was playing ,,,low frequency’s flooded the wave of thought 

,where’s the remote she asked? You got it don’t u, said Sam no you had it,  no I don’t. finally Sam got up looking for the remote knowing in the back of his mind she had it, he kneeled on one knee ,I got it I was sitting on it she shouted as Sam rose up a little sye came out, seems like she was playing a little game of [your highness]..For the 6th time he sat back down, gulp the rest of the beer an sat back …The beginning of sparkle was on Twista playing on the radio sound like a digital party was going on in the house,a man got up in the middle of the screen and halted then sat back down ,what the fuck she shouted man these bullshit ass fuck bootlegs you be getting ,that’s why I want to go to the show ,matter of fact we gone watch the rest of this while  finish braiding yo hair ,then we gone see it again at the movie and I don’t want to hear no shit about u don’t got no money ,u got money for weed u got money for the show Sampson got back up went to the fridge got another beer as the sight of spoiled food shine upon his brow the stench of dirty dishes an flies unkilled he got 2 beers this time …nigga u heard me Sam ignored her as if she was going to cease to exist ,but he knew this wasn't going to work. With his imagination shot, he couldn't think of anything slick to say, [ya we going] Sahu called right as Sampson sipped the first  beer ,,,she looked at the phone hmm this  figga she thought dam near outta  excuses let me see the phone steady ringing hmmm she knew this nigga would just keep calling knowing the situation, hmmm, she sneezed ,nigga go get me some tissue please, he got back up for the 8th time she answered the phone [what ,can u talk bitch replied Sahu naw later she said an hung up ,,.who was that asked Sam ,my little brother friend looking for my brother .Sampson looked at her as if to say you lying bitch but oh OK is what came out his mouth he sat back down [sun up sun down ] what was going on in the house was symbolic of the false notion of the sun revolving around the earth …Imagine that a house divided her greatest weapon was emotional blackmail mixed with the victim role a natural actor with no award …With no one to talk to he fell into her thought wave or she jump into his body he found himself thinking her thoughts moving in a way that was best for her and her emotions like his cousin Adam he was trying to feed ideas of two powers god an not god ,split in thinking he thought he had strength independent of divine law he did not express it in judgment of her actions but his father was a judge of the Moral court of Set not living up to his father expectation they stop talking a year earlier Sampson was deteriorating slowly while Delilah was getting bigger ,as she sucked the life out if him playing sports had became a dream weak drunk confused [on the low] through s spiritual strength regeneration of the sense conscious  is begun but the thoughts of the carnal mind resisted the advent of truth running Sampson crazy [the working man not quite ruthless nor nice either]…She was finishing the last braid when Sam noticed he still had the tissue in hand [spiritual strength creeped inn] his judgment executed ,,,she on bullshit he thought…She accidentally tightened all his braids thinking about Sahu. His hair looking tight an neatly done ,all straight in a row .Delilah was part of the mainstream media mind ,not a free spirit her thoughts was locked never thought outside of Pandora’s box .she keep the TV running even in her sleep something had to be on at all times from the house to the car she played head phones in the car she cut on the radio nonstop mainstream lunar energy of the lower nature pounded her mind …the phone had become her bible always reading it ,her savior became the touch screen a gateway to heaven of a 2 dimensional world …She pulled off screeching the tires while loud music shadowed behind with Sam in the house standing in the window with the tissue still in hand  waving back and forth from wind she left behind ,,that how fast she was out the door with little time to think before  she got back with the kids  he got a chance to think  hope she  forgot about the show…He smacked the fly on the window with the tissue he had for her ,his phone ringed , he picked up it was [Stix] friend of Heru…What up god u in the matrix said Stix …Naw g I’m just fighting  that thing ,what u call it ? what smith replied Stix ,ya tell me more g shit be crazy replied Sam ,oh OK said Stix [well in the book of the [god body definitions] under the agent smith lit ,he say that this is one of the most important jewels to know. Straight up replied Sam, yep, but its quite complex said Stix .You ever seen boondocks? [ya] well in boondocks agent smith is symbolized as white shadow who Huey can’t determine if he’s real or a figment of his over active imagination … Damn said Sam so this shit is real, oh ya very real replied Stix but under confusion it appear as a gray haze u see it but u don’t ,how said Sam? Well every time you reach a higher thought chaos will try to distract u from fully grasping that thought aka [thought hijackers] they do drive byes on your higher thought .drive byes said Sam ,ya nigga you know Poemoe won the lottery the other day [word who godbody high priest replied Sam, ya nigga god for real that’s why you need to know about smith first before anything , right right said Sampson ,g you sound like you drunk nigga u cool, yep Sam replied ,cool g cool well give me one more stix then I’m up, OK I’m drop one more this one is a Leo  diamond so listen ,in the movie fallen Denzel was fighting  Azazel which represented his lower self in life get it Denzel, Azazel, damn the names his name and the spirit name replied Sampson how? Listen, Azazel was jumping from person to person singing time is on my side taunting Denzel. He it couldn't jump in him so he cause chaos all around him an only Denzel seen it hey go watch an hit me back in the ether said Stix one he replied they hung up….Shit, he thought, as he sat back it was a lot to take in he started to ponder on the word smith the phone ringed ring ring ring he answered what! It was Delilah, I’m on my way home why don’t you start cooking cause we hungry and I don’t want no damn oodles and noodles ima drop them off real quick then I gotta make a run. Bout time I come back yall should be at the table waiting on me to eat ya replied  Sam as he headed to the fridge to realize  he was out of beer nigga what u doing do u hear me ,shit it hot and my head hurt do you hear what I said ,, ya ya replied Sampson ya he seem to be shook up a little [the first distraction] he hung up the phone and looked out the window he could vaguely see that something was wrong the cars seem to appear as one line of color it looked like a blood stream of a city a city with blood he thought the people looked like zombies walking leaning standing everywhere they looked lost in their own town .Sam faded back damn … Was I was that real he remembered Huey from boondocks ..And from that he remembered the word Huey Newton a black panther from the old school. Wait I almost forgot to watch the falling DVD almost slipped my mind ….[effects of the distraction] Sam search frantically for the DVD but couldn't find it everything else is there except fallen .what the fuck he said to himself …She called he picked up ,what ? nigga what she replied we outside ima let them up open the door .where you going anyway ? Ima go pick up my bother and drop him off over my mother’s remember I told you earlier, ya what eva he said, nigga you be acting like you on yo period acting like a bitch what he said just go do what u gotta do he hung up the phone …While opening the door he greeted the kids ,hey James jr what up little mike , what up little Shanna and Ray Ray the 3rd an then finally Sam jr what’s up little man hey dad. Already knowing  he asked where’s your mother, all of them shrouded there shoulders as not to know ,then Sam jr replied ya daddy I heard her on the phone saying something about a DVD ,really replied Sam ya said Sam jr  someone want to watch it I think with her  was it your uncle replied Sam , never mind said Sam ..He went back to cooking, as thought raced in his head and tomato sauce dripping of his apron, could it be another nigga, Ima ask her.. Dad we hungry said one of the kids hold on I got you said Sam the food is almost ready…Suddenly a knock at the door ,,one of the kids got up ,sit yo ass down said Sam never answer the door you don’t know who that could be move, as  he put one of his hands out to open the door it almost hit him in the head, shit he said ,nigga what’s yo problem replied Delilah ,nigga you smoking that shit, Sam replied why would you knock if you got the key, shut up she replied the food ready? Almost by the way I was going to ask you something ,who me replied Delilah ,who you think, what she said while wondering if he knew about her dipping of with Sahu selling him the fallen CD  where did you go said Sam  it told you she replied , ya ya anyway you seen my fallen disc ,no have you seen it she replied ,funny I see you got jokes . anyway I just wanted to no if you had it , if I did I would have gave it to you but I don’t…(right bitch whisper Sam) he got up an started back cooking …(sleep Sam sleep )..She lit the cigarettes and sat at the table looking directly at this nigga as smoke danced around her face being exposed by the light ,she exhaled smoke all in his face , he just keep cooking  looking straight ahead , too much shit was going on in his head , entertaining the thought of whopping her ass would just set him off so he focused (OK OK right) hr whisper (cool cool )I gotta  keep cool ,..Just think how many invisible waves and vibration the space around you. unaware of the radio programs and telephone conversation whizzing by your ears undetected ….How much energy it would take to block those WiFi thoughts an waves you have to really fight to maintain an original thought of your own and hold it long enough to know it’s yours and not something else ….Sampson had to keep cool….Why you looking like you got a problem, Delilah told Sampson …How when I’m looking straight ahead he replied …It got quite for a min..he had a point, she had to think fast what should I say next she thought ,a odd vibe was in the air ….Two things could happen at this point (one, this nigga snap out and release some of that rage, feel good but end up  in jail  ,now your away from home with a domestic case lose his job an if he get out end up having to start all over again maybe with no place to stay cause she kick him out the house ,having lost connection with the most high an become suicidal an kill all round you including yourself two(put the bulletproof vest on aka armor of god an stand in the ring of fire an become purified ,tempered like steel sharp swift fast  contain like a loaded gun spiting fire  holding the power of life an deaf …A small voice told him to be still so he didn't move he just looked straight ahead unaware he mastered a aspect of his fate ,he didn't whoop her ass he just looked straight ahead and took a deep breath an counted to 20 then exhaled …Then all of a sudden Delilah broke down crying ………Woe……(I don’t  know why I be so angry all the time ,I don’t know why I hate you so much ,these fucking kids aren't even that bad but I halla at them all day long , I drink like a fish chain smoke cigarettes especially when you buy them ,I hate everything around me  I don’t give a fuck ,why ,why why  shit all these thoughts roaming in my head I don’t even know if it’s me or my friends, every time I talk to them they always got some negative shit to say..always we sit up smoking  an riding around looking for attention an talking shit about our man, why, why, why I'm tiered of this shit ,fuck you an fuck  these kids ,all they do is talk about their problems knowing none of us give a fuck about what the other is saying  fuck this shit ,I'm not going to lie I need drama ,fuck shit fuck, oh Jesus save me ,I want one thing then when I get it I want something else …Why why I can’t make up my mind , I blame you for everything knowing one day your might  leave ,but I can’t stop myself …Drama  I need it an I don’t know why ,even though I know better ,I tell you to go to church and I see how you look at me in church every time we go fuck this shit lord help me ,every time we go it seems like the preacher is talking directly at me…so I don’t go most of the time I drag you in there hoping it will help me have control over you ,Jesus Jesus, save me please fuck this bullshit ,I want to control you at the same time I’m feel out of control ,I only want you when you leave, I don’t got no patience for  not even for my kids why why oh god why I’m tired ,I can’t sleep I cant think ,I eat when I’m not hungry fuck you Sam I hate bitch ass nigga fuck you… Bammm…she passed out cold on the table controlled by appetites and emotions, she was a manifestation  of the media mainstream in which they set the mood an she executed them …90% of her thoughts weren't hers …A black canvas with a evil artist ….as she laid there hunched over on the table all you could hear was the sound of munching and the TV playing in the back ground …It was a sober moment in the house a since of forced peace ….As she laid there slobbing  out cold …All he could do was just sit there and look at her an laugh to himself ,,,mean while the kids just kept on eating  he didn't, he just serving them ,,all he could do was shake his head looking at her past out cold (that day a jewel had been revealed to him) ..Physical strength under spiritual discipline  an being aware of it is the root  seat or cause of this of his strength which lead to understanding )with his imagination coming back to him he thought (I didn't even have to touch her i see god did that for me knocked her ass out cold (damn OK OK right ) he whisper cool……..A day in the life of Sampson an Delilah a house divide ….              

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It's about. Fucking. Time.
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I'm going to finish tonight karbo....

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