The Ether

1.  The unseen void of energy that controls circumstances.  It is the secret fifth element that is void of
all other elements.  

2.  The Black sun symbol symbolizes the potential energy that existed prior to the sun manifesting it's light.  This the void that the elements consume which give birth to different types of sound waves, light, and matter.  

3. Sometimes when there is heat coming from the ground our a fire, there is a force of unseen chaotic energy right above the heat known as "dancing monkeys" or "inferior mirage".  This can also sometimes be seen when standing in a warm room, looking through a doorway into a cold outdoors.  There is "gateway" of chaotic energy that gives proof that there are two different temperatures on both sides of the doorway.  This is ether.

4.  The unseen path that the universe has laid out for itself to travel along.  It is where all light, sound, and matter root from before crossing over into manifestation.    

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