The "Headache" Lit

1. When "The Nigga With the Backwards Clock" begins to speak spiritually or expose the "rabbit-hole" to someone with "Fucked Up Pipes", sometimes, that person will get a headache or sick.  This because there is turbulence in their pineal gland.

2.  Once someone has stared at high definition television screens, computer and telephone screens, stood under artificial light, and listen to digital music for so long, their body gets locked into an electronic frequency, which helps further calcify the pineal gland and cause cancer.  "The Nigga With the Backwards Clock" is reminding this person of their "natural self", which causes rapid shifting between the left and right brain.  This also causes a person to temporarily stop breathing and change their breathing patterns.  Their pupils dialate and more light enters the retina, which can send a "shock" feeling in the back of the neck.  Sometimes it can be rubbed or snapped out.  This is all part of the beginning stages of decalcifying the pineal gland and "waking up."  It is perfectly normal.  Remember the "All You Gotta Do Is Breathe Lit."

3.  The effects of artificial light and digital media have a tremendous effect on the calcifying of the pineal gland.  Poor diet, low water intake, bad body ph level, drugs & alcohol settling in the bloodstream, as well as stress cause cancer of the blood.  Once the third eye becomes aware that it is under attack, the cancer will desperately attempt to "close the third eye".  This is also known as "doing drive-by's on your thoughts".  This internal "war" is what causes a headache.

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