Pages between pieces…

Words between lines on leaflets…

Silence between chimes as the wind rests…

The waves don’t quit.

The wind and water commit to symphony

as I commit to memory making no mockery.

Take a hammer to hurdles.

I meticulously demolish and dismantle.

I won’t hold you back or urge you.

My energy is entwined balance.

I watch fathers make examples.

I vacate spaces not meant for me and move…

I move under the impetus of intuition’s behest,

leaving impressions that I am bereft.

Celebrants check and I am blank.

There is nothing… Nothing is left.

Nothing is missed---

I’ve seen what’s amiss.

I still won’t betray it.

I gracefully bow out.

There is more… gratefulness… without a doubt.

My rightful place awaits.

No cobwebs gather.

I waits not in vain.

Errol Percival Jr. (Daiikiru Maximillion)

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