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The 6th

Yesterday was the anniversary of my grandmother Amanda Malone's passing 14 yrs. ago. She was humble dignified lady with a voice like a bell and a giving heart. She taught me so much just by her mere presence not to mention the concise and to the point words of wisdom I was privileged to be privy to. I love her beyond any expressible concept. She gave my mother life! She partly raised me. She loved me.

Her passing was a life changing event for me compounded by a number of other concurrent…


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I don’t know what will come of this… yet.

I’m facing my comeuppance… blessed.

Karmic aggression… quick…

Stone… splash

Spit… slap…

Slip… crap…

Gift… rapped…

Split tabs…

It… tagged…

Game! Bragg.

Is that not a fort?

We cannot afford more mechanics of war.

Through machinations madly devolved…

to base beings… in haste bleeding…

what we could be seeding.

It seems our dealings…


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Daiikiru’s 5th seconded

Daiikiru’s 5th seconded

I don’t belong here.

The lies abound and are well tended.

The imposed imposes and closes walls.

I dare not crumble.

I will not grumble.

The attacks on my psyche will meet staunch defense.

This doesn’t feel like home.

This is a heated tomb.

Betrayal betrayal...

I have been here before.

I once felt so low.

My spirit rankles at the overt oppression.

I see some knuckle…


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Pages between pieces…

Words between lines on leaflets…

Silence between chimes as the wind rests…

The waves don’t quit.

The wind and water commit to symphony

as I commit to memory making no mockery.

Take a hammer to hurdles.

I meticulously demolish and dismantle.

I won’t hold you back or urge you.

My energy is entwined balance.

I watch fathers make examples.

I vacate spaces not meant for me and move…

I move…


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Stay ready

In between themes…

Starting fresh pre-completion of prior…

I turn my mind loose on the leaf,

taking steps… edging towards the fire.

Closer… closer… Nearer my log to thee…

Documented deals…

Deoxy-ribonucleic acidity…

Tested; tried… Found true.

Bested by one’s own tools… of trade…

Finding self jaded…

These jewels that are played with…

take serious and change shit.

Mastermind my matrix.

Lead yourself,…


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Purple Prop King Reigns

First world and last world.

Day of the time… What is the password.

Pure or purified the water that you pour?

Water falls free from the sky,

yet we must catch it at the store.

Cash is king in this tango regime.

It takes you.

Mind first as a child.

They break you….

so you can’t exist in the wild

Wild means free for animals.

What are we?

What are we not?

Before you proceed… What’s the source of your…


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Thank you. I think. I will.

Look how it turns out.

Yet the jewels say what’s real.

I love…

That is just like saying

I am.

I’m not fooling… anyone.

I do not care how gullible.

The victor doesn’t have to victimize to rise.

Altruism - Crystallized all ways true.

Pry per pi and phi.

Payed posers-

Played impulses-

Slain- resulting from psychic poison.

This world and that world-

layered one upon the…


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Write. Ok. On it.

Pages upon pages

archived and gatherered

where no light is shed.


Express exemplary…

Free these pennings from ego,

Bluster, or stymieing stifling.

No! Balanced and level!

Long range rifling…

Close doors and windows.

Open the skylight.

Hope that I rise

is not the same as mustering my prana

and marshalling my grammar

and abiding in my center

watching chaos spin fractal webs



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Oh my heart.

Oh my heart,

you bid me cry,

that you may set free the rain inside.

This is indeed reigning time just of a different kind.

I’ll allow it though for just a bit of the morning.

I have crowns to don.

I have poems to pen and verses to lay.

I have narratives to complete and new tales to spin.

This life of mine intertwined with rhyme…

This power released to grow to my prime...

The quieting of the raucous din of unrequited…


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