Marcus Samuel, otherwise known as Buddy Cuz (February 04 1981), is an American Rapper from Mullins, South Carolina. Rap started out as just an outlet for Buddy, along with sports and other common activities for those in high school. He grew up listening to the verses of Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, Outkast, and Ugk. These artists truly inspired Buddy to follow his dreams. After graduation, Buddy decided to take his rapping more serious and follow his path as an artist.

Buddy began his career in rap at the age of 18 when he, a few childhood friends, and some family members banded together to create their group Lesfortunate. Since then the group’s name has changed to Southern Swangaz (2005), and as of the current; the group is now known as SwangaBoiMuzikGroup (SBMG).
The group recorded and released two mix-tapes in the early 2000’s entitled, “WhatUKnowBoutDat” and “In The Field Vol 1”. Since those two releases, Buddy has gone to do some of his own work in the studio.

In 2011, he released his new mix-tape “Wit My Nutin Azz Vol 1” and two years later in 2013, he released “With My Nutin Azz Vol 2”. With four mix-tapes under his belt, Buddy was well prepared, and with the request from supporters at an all time high, decided it was time to release an EP. On July 15th 2014 Buddy Cuz released his first EP on iTunes entitled Chevrolet Muzik. As a precursor to the EP, and demand from fans; Buddy Cuz released the single titled “Chevrolet Muzik” on iTunes to show his appreciation. Buddy continues to stay hard at work and do everything possible to reach the top of the charts.

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@BuddyCuzImpala & @iamYoungDeez = Family Ties
"The SBMG / OTENation inspired joint collaboration Family Ties off of the SC Leader's
Country Rap Tunez Hosted By Dj Gamble 803- Buddy Cuz DL-
#SBMG #OTENation #Carolina #TheUndeniables

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