Repping the great state of Georgia,Dj TeeOh is a djs dj. cuttin,blendin,scratchin,graphics,loopers,beats, he pretty much does it all.  "DJ Turmoil, better known as TeeOh, is more than a disc jockey. His unparalleled live mashing, innovative mastery, and slew of talents make TeeOh a force to be respected and studied. TeeOh incorporates djing with MCing and crowd interaction for an experience no other dj offers" From Japan to The states TeeOh knows how to keep the crowd bouncin. his attention to detail is unmatched (honed by his time serving our country as a U.S. Marine)and his work ethic is unparalleled. Sponsored by companies such as Styleflip,and SJ Cam,and as a contributor to Dj Booth.Net he knows how to get the best out of everything he does. he is also the owner of Hijackerz Graphix,he can do flyers,websites,banners and whatever else needs to be done. this multi-talented guy is a true purveyor of the culture and the do-it-yourself attitude it fosters.


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