Hyst aka "King Hyst" born in the Bronx now lives in Philly for over 20 years.

"Growing up without a father Just made life harder cause I didn't know what to expect, So I hung with the og's and they became my mentors. It's real out here and I would never wish that hard knock life on anybody, but that's life so we need to deal with it and learn how to get up out of it and with the Grace of God everything's possible. I started doing music since I was 12 listening to D-Nice, Kane, 'LL, and as I got older started listening to Redman, method man, and Jay-Z. I'm from the streets so the lyrics had my attention like yea that's that same shit I'm on, basically it was a rap from there. My first mixtape was" Thats Not all to it", and I have vol. 2 coming soon. I entertain most genres only because there's always a message. One thing about me is I can be cool wit almost anybody except SNITCHES & HATERS, I will never condone that type of life style.. KING HYST


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