WHORISH White English Teacher Raped Repeatedly A 13-Year-Old Student And Sexted Him

stephanie seabury

A Dover middle school “white” English teacher is charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old male student.

Stephanie Seabury, 22, turned herself to the cops on Monday.  She taught English at Fred Fifer III Middle School in Camden, Kent County.

“We were able to find out that the teacher as well as the student were exchanging explicit text messages, as well as photographs, between each other throughout the month of February,” Corporal Mark Hoffman of the Dover Law Enforcement Department said.

Investiagtors say beginning in February the ugly honkstress had sex with the student on more than one occasion at her home. Court documents allege school cameras show the ugly “white” bitch leaving the school building with the student. Investigators say she brought him to the Woodmill Apartments where she lived. It was brought to cops attention in March after the text messages were discovered and the female pedophile was suspended.

“I’m glad they removed her immediately and did the right thing. My heart goes out to the student who now has to be in the school,” parent Michele Marvel said.

The news shocked parents Monday when the school sent a letter home saying the scallywag will remain on suspension and the school is cooperating with cops. Michele Marvel’s daughter was in the hoe’s 8th grade English class.

“She did not care for her to be perfectly honest with you,” Marvel said. “She said she didn’t teach, was what she said.”

“As parents you should be checking their texts and you should be checking everything they have,” parent Jesse Allen said. “It doesn’t reflect on all teachers, there’s always one bad egg somewhere. There’s always somebody somewhere.”

Caesar Rodney School District Superintendent Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald issued the following statement about the accusations:

“Upon learning of alleged inappropriate behavior of a Fred Fifer III Middle School teacher with a student, the Caesar Rodney School District immediately contacted the appropriate law enforcement agency. The district has since continued to work with law enforcement and the Attorney General’s office during their investigation. The teacher, Stephanie Seabury, has been suspended with pay since the initial report. The district will take the appropriate personnel action as dictated by state and federal regulations.”

The “white” witch was charged with one count of Sexual Abuse by a Person in a Position of Trust or Authority, which is a felony in Delaware.

She is free Monday night on $40,000 bail.

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