Scallywag Teacher Asks A Student To Send Her Pictures Of His Penis


This ugly Kentucky high school teacher faces sex abuse charges after admitting that she engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old male student.

Elizabeth Alexander, a 26-year-old social studies teacher at Scott County High School was arrested around noon on Tuesday. The allegations came to light that morning, but authorities would not say how.

“Anytime we have a situation like this involving our children, in our community, we’re going to take quick action,” Captain Robert Swanigan of the Georgetown Law Enforcemet Department said.

The ratchet blond whore is charged with sexual abuse of a minor younger than 16 and use of a minor in a sexual performance. In a police interview, she admitted kissing and groping the boy in a classroom, and asking him to send her photos of his body, specifically his penis, according to reports. The boy sent the photo to her in a text message, investigators said.

“Things like ‘sexting’ are a problem that this generation is going to face. It’s very unfortunate that they engage in those types of activities, but they’ve got to understand that every time they transmit an image like that they are, in essence, transmitting child pornography,” Swanigan said.

The whorish teacher also allowed the boy to fondle her breast, according to reports.

Cops would not release further details due to the ongoing investigation, but said that it appears the male student is the only victim.

The pale bitch was released from Scott County Detention Center on Tuesday afternoon. The Herald-Leader reports that she graduated from Scott County High School in 2006.

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