Blood brothers behind fast-rising duo YSTB 
display deep bond through high energy music

CINCINNATI, OH – When you listen to the music being crafted by blood brothers Yung Kuai and Billz – who make up the Cincinnati-based duo YSTB – it’s impossible not to be entertained. Their music is fun, upbeat party music that doesn’t just leave listeners with a good vibe but also inspires and motivates people to chase their dreams. And that’s exactly what these two brothers have been doing for the past few years – chasing the dream of leaving a mark on the world through their music.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, these two brothers have been making music for the past decade. It started as a joy of music when they were young children but grew into more of a serious pursuit of music as a career during their mid-teen years when people who hear their songs began to beg for more and more. That’s when they chose the name Young Stars the Band (YSTB) and they haven’t looked back since.

Their captivating, high energy performances over the years have helped them make a name for themselves throughout the Midwest, bringing positive vibes and fun to music lovers all over the U.S. And through it all, their mother, Tammi Hosmer, has been the backbone behind the scenes – not only serving as the group’s manager but also providing a stable home as a single mother and encouraging the brothers to create a bond that no one could break. That bond shows bright through their music.

Their most recent single, “Temp Me,” is the exact motivational vibe that fans have come to expect from them over the years. The club banger gets people hyped while also exploring the hardships that come in life and often tempt people to take the wrong road.

“But those things can push you to do better than what you thought,” Billz said. “Don’t let people or hard times put you down about what you love.”

The single was produced by Yung Kuai and engineered by Billz. The brothers said they often work that way. They know that their music stands out from any other in terms of sound and style because of their originality and the fact that they do everything from start to finish. A music video for the single is nearly finished and should drop sometime this summer.

In recent years, YSTB has performed with Project Pat and Riff Raff, and they also had the opportunity to go to Grand Hustle Studio. They credit many of the great hip hop artists through the years – including Tupac, Lil Wayne, Biggie, Ice Cube, Drake, Future and more – for inspiring them to pursue their dreams of being professional musicians. And today, they hope to pass along that same inspiration to others who listen to their music.

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