I'm higher than an ELF tower.
Black power standing taller than the Sears Tower.
I fucked her for a whole hour.
She taste like chicken so I ate her like she's sweet and sour.

She's freaky like Adina Howard.
I told her I'mma get the cake. I just need the flour.
Bitch check out my wingspan.
They call me Elvis Presley. I'm the king, man.

I'm resurrecting like the Phoenix, I'm above the clouds.
I'm looking down, while I'm screaming on entire towns.
I'm like Horus, I'm a falcon that can rock a crown.
You can pay for engineering, but you can't buy this sound.

I'm the nicest, I spit game like it came from Isis.
Plus you got it all for free, even though it's priceless.
And I got the golden touch, like my name is Midas.
God is looking at me, I'm flying at his iris.

And I just wanna show you what it looks like when the birds fly high.
I want you flying with me, cause girl you're just to fine to let by.

Time for balance. Another book, another challenge.
This for all the times that I had to sit in silence.
Some women trick good men and make them turn to tyrants.
They think that life is a movie until it ends in violence.

I tell them hoes, "Gimmie fifty feet, my pen is biting!"
Real nixxas keep this on repeat because the shit exciting.
I lit my soul on fire, I keep the shit igniting.
Imagination fly like birds, and I ain't even writing.

That's why I go so hard, because my nixxas like it.
Break down so much knowledge, I just might get indicted.
And I move so fast, it's like I'm rocking tires.
We above the clouds but I'm bout to take you higher.

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Comment by K-Blao on April 7, 2013 at 10:43am
Thanks...this is one of my favorite songs that I recently recorded.
Comment by cosmic flow on April 6, 2013 at 4:39pm

I like this K-Blao .. especially the mood I been in ,,, and things I been seeing and feeling from my Intuition 

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