K-Blao HOODX-The "Infinite Mind" Lit

The Infinite/Original Mind


1. When a thought comes to you natural and you don't "think" or "sense" anything about the thought. There is no feeling involved either. This thought produces an action. This is also known as Automacity, but the difference between atomicity and the Original Mind is that the Original Mind is the natural infinite mind. This is different from a mind who is locked into a moment of time and automatically producing actions from the subconscious mind.

2. The infinite mind of black folk who collect the different variations of sound, light, and color and pass their collections down to the next generation. This is the very purpose of black folk.

3. The Sirus blue skinned avatar that automatically creates all action out of love. The Master of the Sacred Heart who automatically "dances" the "dance of life" out of love.

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