This was one of my favorite albums, but I didn't hear it until years after it had came out. Prodigy isn't a great lyricist, but his lyrics painted a vivid picture in your head of what the hood looks like. Havoc's gritty instrumentals and slick word play added the balance that was needed for one of the most classic hip hop albums ever made. I'm glad that gave me the platform to share this album with the community.

While the community continues to grow, I would like to take a moment to point out the fact that we are building our own television network. We already have representatives in six states, and we would like to continue to keep growing. Join our television network to become a national television producer. For more info, visit this link:

0:00 Intro, 0:50 Streets Raised Me(Feat. Chinky & Big Noyd), 5:22 What's Ya Poison(Feat. Cormega), 9:09 Spread Love, 13:15 Let A Ho Be A Ho, 16:51 I'm Going Out(Feat. Lil' Cease), 20:38 Allustrious, 24:49 Adrenaline, 29:33 Where Ya From(Feat. 8Ball), 33:38 Quiet Storm, 38:03 Where Ya Heart At, 42:34 Noyd Interlude, 42:55 Can't Fuck With(Feat. Raekwon), 47:09 Thug Muzik(Feat. Chinky & Infamous Mobb), 51:44 Murda Muzik, 55:56 The Realest(Feat. Kool G Rap)1:00:19 U.S.A. (Aiight Then) 1:04:28 It's Mine(Feat. Nas), 1:08:49 Quiet Storm Remix(Feat. Lil' Kim)

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Comment by Revolutionized Albums on December 21, 2013 at 9:13pm

bump this until your speakers blow!  hoodx for life!

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