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“Kirko Bangz- Drink in my cup” by Mike Nauti will turn your boring day bright

The music stars always think what to do next after they have done something wrong. But Mike Nauti is one such artist whom you cannot forget. His confidence and the approach towards making music will clear away all your doubts about him. He has struggled and has made his name renowned. The place will not be snatched by any person on earth. The super star has come up with his fresh and modern “…


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Feel the Classically Dreamy Atmosphere created by Smashondatrak with ‘Go Live’ on Soundcloud

Listening to a song means relaxing your mind and body. But many a time, music heightens up the energy within human beings. Electronic music is more into that. You won’t be able to roll yourself up once you start listening to the musical pieces of this genre. Smashondatrak is one of the greatest musicians from the new generation, who is striving hard to make a name in the…


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Rising Artist Yung Flap is back with a Magnificent Single 'Used To'

The notion that hip hop is meant to be loud and gritty has long been proven wrong. The new breed of artists has tried to beats the monotony of conventional style of hip hop and rap music without losing its charm. Alternative rap is what this artist called to the tracks that has the energy of hip hop but is characterized by some unique styles.  This season SoundCloud site has one such newcomer named Yung Flap who deserves to be recognized globally. After getting huge…


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Stay Tuned to Hot Dizzy to Experience the Ultimate Hip Hop Fusions

A music that offers balance between the rhythm and lyrics has always catered attention of the music enthusiasts. That’s why the worldwide popular hip hop singer Hot Dizzy is ready to connect you with some of his best lyricism in soundcloud. This young singer has swiftly gathered a good range of listeners count in social media within a short timeframe.…


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Lil Tuko’s ‘Trap Influence’ Comes Up With Electrifying Beats

If music is of utmost importance to you, then you must be looking for tracks to satiate your soul. Also, you must have varied preferences when it comes to music. Therefore, if you like to listen to some amazing tracks and enjoy variety in the songs you listen, log on to Soundcloud. In this music-sharing platform, you get loads of singers who offer you different types of songs. One such artist is Lil Tuko who’s song – ‘Trap Influence’ is rocking fans with its wide variation of the use of…


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SinnerCliqueRec.Hits Back With His Latest Music Track “Miles Away”

Pioneering and visionary music artist SinnerCliqueRec. creates quite a buzz worldwide through their new song “Miles Away”.  This unbelievably talented music artist proves his skills in the hip hop music genre. Their exceptional musicality has drawn the attention of many music lovers all over the world.  This track has earned a place in the favorite playlists of all hip hop enthusiasts. Their newly released music track will take you for a ride and get you…


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Haydo Goes Global With His Latest Single ‘On The Low’

Haydo a.k.a Hayden Ralph, a native of San Diego, United States, offers mind blowing blends of hip hop and rap music. His brand self-produced song On The Low” is gaining massive popularity and recognition worldwide. This song has become the number one go-to music track for hip hop and rap lovers. “On The Low” by Haydo is…


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Element (The Black Smith) will Purify Your Mind with His ‘Coming down’

All music enthusiasts out there will like the song by the brilliant rapper Element (The Black Smith). He makes some spiritually healing kind of songs which are really awesome and perfect for all youth of now. He has a creative genius and ecstatic kind of tune he has overflowed his music with makes good memories. If you want to hear his highly imaginative music you must visit the site SoundCloud. Element (The Black Smith)’s awesome “Coming…


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Lil Tuko’s ‘Trap Influence’ Comes Up With Electrifying Beats

Lil Tuko makes his grand debut in the music industry through his new single “Trap Influence”.  His song is a powerhouse of vigorous and funky beats which gets you wild on the dance floor. This talented music artist is from Texas, USA, is creating sensational music which is creating frenzy on the gala. Lil Tuko’s “Trap Influence” is creating frenzy among the hip hop and rap lovers. His music is viral and streaming. His song will set your feet…


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Shine Brightly With the Melody of ‘Pleaded Part2’ by $paceballz on Soundcloud

Hip-hop and rap is a genre which can relate to your emotions. It is the liveliest genre of all. $paceballz is a top-notch hip-hop star amongst all other youngsters. He is a newbie in the music industry. But his tracks are showing the professionalism of the rapping style. ‘Pleaded Part2’ is one of his great creations which will make you wow over his creativity.…


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Newbie Real N3mo is Creating Clamor with His Single ‘I Glo’

Hip hop and rap music is recognized as a youth-oriented genre for this music style is fresh, bold and powered with energetic elements. Since inception, hip hop and rap music has been recognized for its witty and flamboyant nature and of course for its care free nature to speak out loud about different themes. Atlanta based rapper Real N3mo is making it to the top of the hip hop music arena with his new single “…


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Mike Nauti’s Songs Will Set Your Feet on Fire

Upcoming music artist Mike Nauti makes a grand debut in the music industry through his unique and refreshing variation of the hip hop and rap genre. His innovativeness and ingenuity in creating music is gaining him a lot of popularity and recognition worldwide.Mike Nauti brings a whole new musicality in hip hop and rap music genre. His music is…


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Rap Duo Band Sinnercliquerec Is Setting Goals for New Wave Hip Hop Music

Miami rap music scene is bold and vibrant with club music being the best seller in the place. Although the city is a place of diverse music genre, but rap music is the charm of the place. The artists of SinnerCliqueRec are individually talented and well versed with the changing trends in the genre. Right from its debut track “Texas OT”, the duo band gave clear indications that they are pro as rapper and even have fair knowledge about the trippy…


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Let’s Groove with the Extravaganza of Joel Blackmon’s Music

Being a music enthusiast, if you are willing to experience something fresh and unique, then Joel Blackmon is the right click for you. The concept of his songs is all fresh and unmatchable as well. You will love blowing your mind with the new lyricism of this risings rockstar. ‘Elusion’ is one of his latest tracks based on pop genre. The opening verses are perfectly lined over with the…


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‘Hot In Herre - 2018 Moombahton Remix’ - Starjack Podcast’s New Creation is Gaining Good Response

Are you waiting for the new buzz in music industry? Well, it is the high time for you to get connected with new DJ Starjack. Jack Star who has decided to appear with his stage name Starjack Podcast is creating back-to-back new tracks or music mixes for his listeners. This uprising star has joined the EDM Music Scene through which he has become world’s no.1 DJ. When this unique talented person performs,…


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‘Sad Days (Dreams-NF Remix)’ – A Mind-Blowing Composition of Itwasntshane is Getting Viral

While every singer is busy in releasing the same traditional hip hop tunes,Itwasntshane is preparing to fuse something new in rap genre. His recent released track ‘Sad Days (Dreams-NF Remix)’ has evolved with a wonderful magical set up. The lyricism of the track is equally impressive and it gives birth to a new rapping concept. This singer who is also known as Shane Jace…


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Hot Dizzy’s New Single ‘Stand Still’ Creates a Sensation Worldwide

Hot Dizzy is a fresh and independent artist from Nap town, United States, who believes in staying true to his music. He mainly concentrates on hip hop and rap. His inspiration for his music comes from his own life experiences. He is getting known for integrating his own personal style, tone and concepts into his music His newly released music “Stand Still” is making the hip hop and rap lovers flock to all the popular music platforms…


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Young Zydrunas is Spreading Dance Vibes with New Track ‘Decoded Message’

If you are awaiting a happening dance party in the coming weekend, log on to SoundCloud and groove with the thrilling music pieces by artist Zydrunas Jonaitis aka Sidz. This young artist from UK masters over Electronic Dance Music genre and its various sub genres especially Drum and Bass (DnB). The best thing about this artist is that he is very creative and although most of his tracks are only instrumental…


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Talented Star DMT’s ‘Lit’ Sets the Bar on Trap Music Genre

Rising music artist DMT makes a grand debut in the music industry through his song “Lit”. This brand new music artist from Atlanta, United States, has merged the lines of trap and hip hop music genre. He is determined to leave his mark in the music artist. The heavy and rhythmic beats in his music will get you hooked and lure you to the dance floor.  If you are a fan of trap music then DMT is the one for you. His music is…


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Real N3Mo Lends A New Dimension To Hip Hop And Rap

The brand new artist Real N3Mo’s hip hop and rap music is taking the world by storm. If you are a hip and rap music fan, then you have come to the right place. His music is phenomenal as well as exciting. He combines his epic signature style, attitude and persona in his music. This music artist is not afraid to create his own brand of music. He seeks to revolutionize the music industry through his creation. This brand new music artist works hard to produce stunning and…


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