90 billion years ago~Paralleled Universe~Personality Survival-part 2 red Chevy chevelle

Cough,cough,cough..Shit god-body the plant kingdom must be please with our offerings .The night was live the air clean an crisp, doing 63 in a red Chevy chevelle ,Stixs an G-blao search for mind speed racers .The ritual mind speed was when the mind become one with the car and the swiftness of your movement determined the speed of your mind...Wearing a rhino skin coat laced with bear fur rubber band rhino trimmed boots Stixs tilted his hat G see that? He glazed out the window.It was a queen from the land of Kesha. G you see the ass on her? Lace with cobra skin strips layered under shear style suit...Stixs did a 360 spin turn his door knob stop right at the edge of her booty. At this time all she could see was G-blao diamond laced comet bracelet the read G-blao ..Whats wrong king, its a drought, you seem thirsty,She said.. An you must be just a mirage said Stixs..Her name was Se-ta-ke..Yep thick as hell .These too loved sistas with beautiful minds and big booty's .. One day why don't you Let me hold yo hand while I talk to your soul queen please pretty please she smiled. OK king just telepath me an ill receive cool said Stixs an pulled of dong 135 Traveling..

G-blao asked Stixs what do you like about Se-ta-ke. her Personality Survival she has a free spirit he spoke~ Mortal identity is a transient time-life condition in the universe; it is real only in so far as the personality elects to become a continuing universe phenomenon.The song Karma was playing ,G-blao was programming the hologram dash board..

Stixs spoke~Human beings possess identity only in the material sense. Such qualities of the self are expressed by the material mind as it functions in the energy system of the intellect. When it is said that man has identity, it is recognized that he is in possession of a mind circuit which has been placed in subordination to the acts and choosing of the will of the human personality. But this is a material and purely temporary manifestation, just as the human embryo is a transient parasitic stage of human life. Human beings, from a cosmic perspective, are born, live, and die in a relative instant of time; they are not enduring. But mortal personality, through its own choosing, possesses the power of transferring its seat of identity from the passing material-intellect system to the higher mind-soul system which, in association with the Thought Adjuster, is created as a new vehicle for personality manifestation.

G there go Poematic in the green gran Prix catch em .Stixs lock the gear in 9th his mind started to become one with the car,he pulled up next to Poematic. At this time they both knew what time it was "mind speed".Poematic took off Stixs 3 degrees behind ,both raced in an out of traffic at light speed .G-blao spoke~Poematic been in this for 15 plus years g i don't think you're going to catch him that nigga lost in the ether str8 god-body .I know said Stixs but I learn every time I try .By this time both was going 200 miles a hour .

G-blao spoke~No matter from what level of planetary attainment human beings may ascend to the Earth worlds, the seven mansion spheres afford them ample opportunity to gain in experience as teacher-students all of everything which they failed to pass through because of the advanced status of their native planets.

 The universe is unfailing in the application of these equalizing techniques designed to insure that no ascender shall be deprived of aught which is essential to his ascension experience. Stixs cut on the song Black Diamond by this time he an Poematic was neck to neck where the space around them turned to colorful lights ,as the song played Stixs reclined the chair an said God is good~ 90 billion years ago~Paralleled Universe~Personality Survival-part 2 red Chevy chevelle~ 


the song Karma~

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