An Untitled Poem-Righteous King God Born Elohim~

Smith is cloak and dagger, gun scopes on cameras, smoke and mirrors, provoking when near ya, tempter and temptress, full of emptiness, vampire of time and space, parasite to make minds displaced, body snatching pods, out to distract the gods, comical when realized, I laugh cause he still tries, to get me off my square though I'm not L7, he teaches hell is heaven, material is imperial, to truth the ear's disc is closed, ignorance is bliss folly is for the jolly, brain of niggas is rinsed till they're doggies in dollies, on 22's hellbound speedometer's max reached, buckaroo bonzai dimension travel hades path breached, Smith laughing in the driver's seat mason and sahu screaming, but when on the highway to hell you're transporter's a demon,moving to and fro, doing what he know, damn good at it if the lost under his control, he marks his quarry, gets into everyone's story, so tell me how Smith tried to dim your glory


Hoodx is a movement~

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask below. But I would advise you the same advice that Empower Network Ceo David Wood told me.

"Get in. Now!"

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Until next time, Godspeed.

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