After serving in the armed forces for six years and participating in the Gulf War, Darren (Scooter) Spencer found himself homeless for over two years. Deciding that life’s harsh blows would not determine his path in life but would only make him stronger, he got up and fought back. Now, he uses his life’s experiences to mentor ALL young men, regardless of their age, upbringing or background as well as using those same life experiences to build his own brand (SoapBox Scooter) and radio station show called: “THE STOOP”on Blog talk radio every Saturday at 10A.M. He also teaches the true History of Hip Hop, it’s culture, it’s purpose and its way of life to many of Tacoma’s youth and up and coming artist. This father of two uses the power of poetry to convey his heart to the world around him. He is; Passionate, Dedicated and a guy who as he would say, ” Always Keeps it Funky.” Scooter is all about community, youth empowerment, family and friends because he truly believes it takes a village and he wants his village to be the one that helps make that change.


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